Teeling Whiskey Co Poitin

50cl / 61.5%
Teeling Whiskey Co Poitin
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A punchy bottling of the infamous Irish moonshine known as Poitin(Poteen), put together by the folks of the Teeling Whisky Company. A blend of double-distilled malt spirit and triple distilled maize spirit - classic Irish whiskey new make available to try before it's touched a barrel.

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    5 January 2015

    This is as close to the Crater that''ll you''ll find. I''d like to see the process in action. Well done to Teeling for setting the bar.

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    30 December 2014

    Good , but it ISN''T poit?n! It''s just a white unaged corn whiskey. Moonshine. Not a potato in sight. I''ve drank the traditional stuff, and this isn''t it. Oh, and you don''t GET a hangover from the real stuff!

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    29 December 2014

    A variation on the "real stuff" with the assurance of no medical after effects. Mixed with at least three cubes of ice to a mixture of 30/40% water/ice you should have a very nice experience without the usual hangover you would get from the "real Stuff"