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  • Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
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Ardbog (Ardbeg)
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The 2013 Ardbeg Day whisky is called Ardbog, released on June 1st initially as an Embassy exclusive. Taking inspiration from their last few releases, this is a down-to-earth whisky, concerned with the history uncovered as you dig deep into the peat bogs of Islay. The whisky is a vatting of 10 year old spirit, some matured in bourbon casks and some in manzanilla casks for a balanced of soft, sweet and earthy flavours.World Whiskies Awards 2014: Best Islay Whisky NAS
Distillery Bottling
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Tasting Notes

  • Producer's Notes

    Colour: deep ochre

    Aroma: deep, enticing waves of pecan nuts, salty toffee and caramels, with a distinct whiff of herbs, lavender and violets. Soft, aromatic smoke is interwoven with salty savoury notes. Water brings forth herbal notes, smoked rhubarb and aged balsamic vinegar.

    Taste: a full oily/tingly mouthfeel leads into a powerful, savoury burst of flavours – salted cashews and peanuts, clove, aniseed toffee, green olives and a curious hint of anchovy. A lingering aftertaste in which classic Ardbeg sweetness is kept in check by oak tannins, clove and coffee grounds.

  • Tasting Notes by Billy A

    Nose: Underlying candy sweetness with a bit of tar, tyre-fire smoke and preserved lemons (Moroccan style, in salt). Lots of brine and hints of plimsoll rubber and new bandages.

    Palate: More brine up front, along with sweet apple and lemon, bitter pith, coal smoke and dust, and a rich earthiness underneath. Quite dry after the initial sweetness, with sour woody notes creeping in around the edges.

    Finish: Long, with apple skin, lemon peel, salted caramel, dry oak and a touch of black pepper.

    Comment: On my first taste I wasn’t particularly impressed, with my comment being a not particularly disparaging ‘tastes like Ardbeg’. However, after a weekend of the bottle being opened it’s definitely opened up a bit – an interesting balance of salt and smoke, although maybe a little bit dry for some.

  • Tasting Notes by Tim F

    Nose: Sweet honey, old wet mossy oak, some hints of chocolate shavings, then developing raisin syrup and some notes of bandages / elastoplast and balsamic vinegar. Indeterminate red berry fruit, Cadbury’s fruit and nut bar. With time in the glass some lemon and fruit cake notes.

    Palate: Sweet and sooty, with a developing strong salted nuttiness, particularly Brazil nuts, hazelnuts and almonds. Also quite citrussy with tart lemon juice flavours, plus burnt wet wood and some strong medicine cabinet / iodiney notes.

    Finish: Salt and honey / caramel with the lemon notes becoming more boiled-sweet like.

    Comment: Less of the famous tarry rope and more salt than normal Ardbeg. A whisky made for hipflasks.

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  • Drew - Macquarie Gillies - Sydney 19 September 2013

    As a PX/Oloroso whore and so it was a stretch for me to appreciate a Manzanilla finish but I was wrong. Initial nose was industrial with tyre rubber and wet campfire ash. This followed through to the pallet but never dominant. The manzanilla met the smoke to give a nicely balanced but sweet mouth feel that was on the dry side by not overly so, leaving a long and minty/eucalyptus/dried fruit finish... strangely refreshing! Definitely works for me too.

  • Anonymous 28 June 2013

    Simply exceptional quality, wonderful, BRAVO!

  • Mark Dermul - The Toshan Man 5 June 2013

    Nose: oily and salty, cured ham and olives. Peat, but a lot less than expected. Sweet ashes. Wet earth. Rocky coast. The salt might be from the manzanilla of course, as this dry sherry from Spain is known to be a bit salty. TASTE: Soft. Salty. Midpalate some meat and sweetness. Nutmeg, cinnamon. Almonds. Caramelized apples, toffee. Mildly drying towards the end with a grand smokiness. FINISH: long, smoky and dry. Works for me.