Stock 84 Brandy

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Stock 84 Brandy
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Stock 84 is a Czech-made brandy that was originally produced in the beautiful town of Trieste in north east Italy. Obtaining its name from the year it was created (1884), the brand is known for being mellow and smooth.

Czech Republic
Grape Brandy

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  • 2
    15 September 2018

    Well, I was hoping for better, but sad to is just OK with a big minus. Sweeter with FAKE finish, I would not even call it smooth, strong alcohol aftertaste.....drinkable? Yes, if there are no other, otherwise pass.

  • 1
    26 July 2018

    Overwhelming raw alcohol taste, tastes strongly of artificial sweetener. Utterly horrible

  • 1
    10 March 2018

    Warning: This is NOT the Stock 84 Brandy from Trieste, Italy that since 1884 had acquired a well-deserved reputation for quality and flavor at a reasonable price. The word "Brandy" by itself not longer even appears on this artificially-flavored product made of "alcohol, immature grape brandy, natural and artificial flavors and artificially colored." My headache the following morning might be a testimony to this pseudo-brandy trying to capitalize on its predecessor's trade mark and reputation. I'm staying away!...

  • 5
    17 December 2017

    He probado todos los brandy en los United States... pero este es el mejor! So i have 6 yrs drinking only Stock 84 from Chech Republic... suave para tomar, caliente y alegre para sentir.. love it!!!

  • 5
    23 November 2017

    My father thinks it's made in Italy, yet it's made by the by the Czech's, I'd give it 6 stars if I could.

  • 4
    10 October 2017

    In my country, Bosnia, it is almost legendary. But, objectively speaking, it has many flaws...very sweet with strong alcohol taste on the palate...artificial flavor, with added sugar etc...but is drinkable. In this price range, better than other brandies...Stock 84, legendary brand name...

  • 5
    23 August 2017


  • 5
    14 February 2017

    Excellent and smooth to the palet

  • 3
    12 January 2017

    It is NOT a Brandy in the traditional sense. There is the overwhelming hit of the alcohol, then the odd imitation Brandy wash with a heavy sweetness. As a Brandy-like liqueur, it is an interestingly different drink.

  • 5
    5 December 2016

    I have drunk stock brandy for many years and stock 84 is one of the best however it is no longer made in Italy as the distillery in Trieste has closed down and the brandy is now produced and bottled in the Czech Republic.

  • 5
    21 July 2016

    Mellow taste.. nice on the rocks or in coctails

  • 5
    14 July 2016

    Bravo very good!!!!!

  • 5
    22 May 2016

    Smooth, nutty flavor, aromatic

  • 5
    21 February 2016

    First drank it in Poland, now I always get a bottle from there on the way back home with a bottle of Bison Grass......very smooth and pleasant for a more affordable brand of liquor. Try it, what h as RM can it do ?????

  • 5
    7 January 2016

    almond&nuts...suprising very nice

  • 1
    27 October 2015

    Awfully sweet with a strong vanilla extract flavor. Long, unpleasant finish.

  • 5
    24 May 2015

    very gooooood pizno

  • 5
    15 February 2015

    Lovely and smooth