Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey

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  • Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey
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Packaged in an old-style bottle, Bulleit whiskey has developed a loyal following in the UK. The high rye content (around 30%) gives this bourbon a spicy kick.


  • Body
  • Richness
  • Smoke
  • Sweetness


  • Nutmeg Nutmeg
  • Clove Clove
  • Cinnamon Cinnamon
  • Apricot Apricot
  • Almond Almond

Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Tasting Notes by Stuart P

    Nose: Rich and spicy, with warming notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, and crème brûlée topped with Demerara sugar. Hints of dried apricot, grape and almond, too.

    Palate: Good spicy kick of rye first up, then softer notes of dried fruit and sweet spice follow. Toasty and nutty, with enough fruitiness to soften out the edges.

    Finish: Well-balanced mix of sweet spice and warming rye.

21 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    3 February

    Had it in a Manhattan cocktail. Phenomenal!!, will drink on rocks from now on. Exceptional taste.

  • 4
    13 January

    A really nice alternative to makers mark with an interesting kick of spice. Nice neat but really stands up to a cocktail works well with the bitters in an old fashioned! Will be buying again. Very good value

  • 5
    31 December 2017

    This is a solid, very good, bourbon. Just enough of a kick, but not overpowering; nothing fancy. If you like Maker's Mark in the wheated category, then this is an equivalent in the high rye category.

  • 5
    12 December 2017

    This has now become my favourite.

  • 5
    30 September 2017

    Best Bourbon I ever tasted!!!

  • 5
    25 September 2017

    Amazing, I love all the spice in it

  • 5
    24 July 2017


  • 5
    18 July 2017

    Top shelf taste for a great price.

  • 5
    16 July 2017

    Great whskey absolutely love it best in the world ever made in the the universe notes of angeldust and smooth like the butt of your baby tastes like the first kiss your granny gave gave you on your first day of school

  • 5
    19 June 2017

    Great! My favourite for a long time. I have compared with other blends,and this one's a winner!

  • 4
    17 February 2017

    So so so much better than Jack. Jack, for me is just disgusting and put me off bourbon Whiskey for a long time tried this after dinner this Christmas and love it neat 25ml of bulleit to 5 ml of cold water. Just my preference but give it a go! Lovely and warming!

  • 5
    27 January 2017

    I'm a big woodford reserve fan, but fancied a change, really impressed, not as smooth as woodford but not bad at all. Serve straight one cube of ice. Yum.

  • 5
    20 January 2017

    I am 70years old a whiskey drinker for decades and this is the best and smoothest whiskey I have ever had.Keep up the good work. C.Shores,Baltimore,Md.

  • 3
    17 February 2016

    Nicely rounded bourbon, sweet on the tongue with a strong spicy finish. The rye gives it its spicy/oaky finish which isn't to everyone's taste but it's not overwhelming. Over ice or with a small drizzle of Coke it's very pleasant. Not bad at all, but for the money there are better in my opinion.

  • 4
    6 January 2016

    Similar to Jack but a little more refined. Hard to drink on it's own due to a strong after burn, but the initial taste is good and full of wood smoke. Very pleasant in coke and ice!

  • 5
    27 March 2015

    My favourite bourbon. It''s such a lovely and vibrant experience, with a high rye kick that leaves a positive aftertaste.

  • 5
    31 January 2015

    I watered this down a bit - for me the extra alcohol (in anything over 40%) makes it harder to taste the drink. Once I''d added a dash of water this really opened up for me. The rye is definitely to the fore and I''m a big fan of rye so this is a good thing (I will be trying their ''95'' rye for sure). For me there''s fruit on the nose and hints of pineapple on the finish. This is worth having in your collection if you like American whiskies. It''s probably better value than many of the same price bracket single malt scotches.

  • 5
    8 December 2014

    Love this Bourbon. Neat it has a lovely spicyness that i prefer. The very first bottle I opened was on my wedding day, what a great day that turned out to be. Went and bought another along with their Rye Whiskey for Xmas sipping. Go get some now, you know you wanna

  • 5
    3 December 2014

    Pleasantly surprised by this after hearing a few less than glowing reports about Bulleit Bourbon. I particularly enjoyed it after adding a few mls of water - very smooth and very tasty, and for the price it is very hard to beat. I''m sure there are better bourbons, but I''d definitely recommend having a bottle of this handy as a daily pour.

  • 4
    17 November 2014

    Great for mixing but for a bit more one can upgrade to Eagle Rare which is more versatile for both sipping and mixing. Bulleit is a darn good whiskey though, and is great to have around for guests and/or parties where you want a higher quality bourbon but don''t want to break your bank. It is superior -- although definitely different -- to Maker''s Mark but not quite as nuanced as some of the others in that price range.

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