Crown Jewel Gin
Bot.1990s Litre

100cl / 50%
Crown Jewel Gin / Bot.1990s / Litre
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A sister gin to Beefeater, Crown Jewel was launched in 1993 and became a favourite by virtue of its potency and intense aromatic palate. Sadly now discontinued, so fans should stock up while they can.

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  • This is an old bottle and the closure may have deteriorated – care should be taken when it is being opened. The item is sold as described and we do not accept liability for the state of the closure.

Crown Jewel Gin Reviews

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  • Anonymous 7 November 2012

    This Gin...perfection.

  • Anonymous 23 June 2012

    why don't we all petition Beefeater until they relent and start producing again ....

  • JTBrookes 14 May 2012

    I first tasted Crowne Jewel at the Duke's Hotel in St. James when I was living in London. The bartender (Guiseppe?) wheeled up a silver cart, chilling and mixing, finishing with a dramatic twist of a lemon that involved kicking up one leg. It may have been the most expensive martini I ever drank, and undoubtedly the best. A good dry martini was hard to find in London back then. I still import it to the US occassionally, although it isn't cheap. Worth every penny, however.

  • theDjig 18 April 2012

    Then Nev, you can be very proud. Your Grandfather is a genius. This is such a fantastic Gin.

  • Nev 20 March 2011

    My claim to fame is that this gin is my Grandad's recipe. He was the Distillery Manager at Beefeater Gin in London until he retired around 15 years ago. I try to find him the odd bottle every now and again......

  • Anonymous 12 January 2011

    number one, simply the best

  • Anonymous 11 January 2011

    Still stock available if you are travelling through Nadi International Airport (yes - paradise in the Pacific Ocean)

  • sloe-bob 13 September 2010

    this is simply the best, i like it neat on the rock's its so so smooth, once you have tried this you will turn you're nose up at the rest!

  • Famida Wilson 22 June 2010

    This gin is so unique it can be savoured neat which leaves a silky feeling on the tongue, sheer indulgence.I wish that it was available in the local supermarket.

  • Anonymous 29 December 2009

    I first tasted this nectar when it came on the market but found it was only available in Duty Free. Being now retired I am now deprived and do wish it would appear in Sainsburys or some similar easy to reach supplier. Hugh

  • Peter 22 May 2009

    I got a bottle of Crown Jewel at the Philadelphia Airport about 9 years ago and have been looking for it to no avail ever since. It is the best gin I have ever experienced.

  • AndrewN 22 April 2009

    The best. If/when this runs out the tower of London will crumble into the ground and we"ll all have to drink Tanqueray No10 instead... :-(

  • lord christopher armstrong 21 April 2009

    the greatest gift of life....long live crown jewel.

  • CampariMan 10 April 2009

    To answer 13 july 2008. Beefeater have stopped producing this gin, there still seems to be plenty of it available. But if you really love it, as i do, then i would buy a case for the cellar...

  • Anonymous 6 December 2008

    worth every penny

  • Anonymous 13 July 2008

    I first bought a bottle at SF duty free and then another at Heathrow duty free. Now I can't find it anywhere.Is it still available?

  • BigJ 16 November 2007

    I agree. My parents picked some up for me on their way through Heathrow and I really like the taste!

  • Anonymous 27 July 2007

    I, too, am a longtime gin fan and I got a couple bottles of this at Heathrow and it is superior to all other gins I've tasted. Pamper yourself!

  • Anonymous 16 July 2007

    You can order it from this site - they deliver to the US

  • Anonymous 16 July 2007

    how can i get this in the USA...My father loves it. [email protected]

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