Dictador Colombian Aged Dry Gin

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Dictador Colombian Aged Dry Gin / Treasure
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Treasure is a Colombian aged gin from Dictador. The ingredients include the local Limon Mandarino (Tangerine Lemon) which provides a balance of sweetness and acidity.

Dictador Colombian Aged Dry Gin Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Producer's Notes

    Colour: In the glass it has a slight amber colour reflective of the time spent in a barrel. Its clarity and brightness boasts of a truly revolutionary product.

    Aroma: The initial aroma is of tangerine enhanced with lemon notes. The secondary aroma is of the botanicals that provide the freshness and balance. Mint, spearmint and pepper and a bit of sweetness from the wood and berries – this an intimate fusion of a marvelous new generation of gin for both beginners and connoisseurs.

    Palate: The pleasant notes and roundness from the tangerine, lemon, mint and pepper, with the traditional flavours of gin enhanced by the time spent in oak barrels results in a truly unique gin. Colombian Treasure Gin. Enjoyed on the rocks. Garnished with a twist of tangerine peel.

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    23 August 2014

    I bought this gin as it looked like it would be something unique amongst the gins available. The bottle is a lovely black finish and certainly will be used again for something around the house. In short it is an interesting gin; I took this to a party and it found favour most amongst those who said they previously disliked gin. The gin itself is somewhat schizophrenic. The delicate oak aged taste seems hastily covered up by very strong citus notes. The strongest aroma that comes through is oranges, with a subtle hint of an odour not dissimilar to that of the 5 year old oak aged rum I currently have in the house. This gin wouldn't be called smooth and drinking it neat brings forward an erratic flavour combination of standard gin botanicals, something akin to rum, an alcohol burn and citrus. Diluted with tonic however, and it reminds me more of a vodka and orange, though that is probably a poor way to describe it as the orange/citrus flavours come through most strongly as an aftertaste. It is sweeter as a GnT than other gins I have had (Bombay, Martin Miller, Blackwoods etc). Diluting with tonic does cover up any taste contributed by the oak ageing, which makes one wonder what was the point. Diluting with orange juice is a potent combination, as it becomes impossible to taste the gin. Overall I do like this gin, it is indeed unique amongst the gins I have had. I am not sure if I would buy it again, though my partner assures me that we must have another bottle.