Admiral Vernon's Old J Spiced Tiki Fire Rum

70cl / 75.5%
Admiral Vernon's Old J Spiced Tiki Fire Rum
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The high proof release of Admiral Vernon's Old J Spiced Rum, but keeping the same recipe of lime, sugar and spices. A welcome return to how spiced rum used to be.

Please note this is a high-strength product and we recommend not drinking neat – please enjoy diluted or with a mixer of your choice.
Caribbean Blend

Admiral Vernon's Old J Spiced Tiki Fire Rum Reviews

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  • 5
    10 days ago

    Recently tried at a Rum festival and positively the nicest rum I’ve ever had. Have to remember that it’s 75% proof as it’s so easy drinking and you have to take your time.

  • 5
    12 days ago

    Wow! A huge powerful rum, not to be drunk neat. With ginger beer or a cola this is great. Big overtones of lime and vanilla shine through with that high octane alcohol content. Use sparingly.

  • 5
    15 July

    Stunning, so smooth and tasty for such a powerful drink.

  • 5
    11 July

    This was one of the best rums Ive ever tasted!

  • 5
    27 June

    Definitely the best ish I’ve ever had

  • 5
    25 April

    Amazing for an overproof rum! really nice flavour as you drink it, careful though - from experience it's very easy to have too much too quickly!

  • 5
    27 March

    Wow, I thought the lesser proof Old J Spiced Rums were good but this one is fantastic.

  • 5
    3 March

    Smooth Tasting Spicey Rum

  • 5
    5 January

    Tried it straight but a bit too strong for me so tried it with lemonade but doesn't really go with that,that's when I tried it with coke and as soon as I did,it became my favourite rum only need to put a little rum in due to strength so bottle will last a while.some people might think it's expensive but it is well worth it.really nice.

  • 5
    19 December 2017

    I was introduced to this product by a friend ..... Prepare yourself for the best tasting high alcohol content rum on the market ! Yes ..... after the nice taste it leaves your mouth feeling like the depths of Mordor but who cares ?! what a drink ! We drank it neat like true rapscallions but I can imagine it is nice as a mixer as well. After the first shot we had another 2 each amongst other drinks and bought one for the boss - He is a non-emotional seasoned drinker and he nearly got knocked off his feet after having a shot of this nectar. End result was very merry men and a drunk boss .... one of our chums had to be firemans lifted home after the nights festivities ... remember its 75.5% so be aware of this potent concoction. After finding it online I most certainly will be buying a bottle - Bravo ! P.S Top tip - Don't try and do them as a flaming shot as you might end up setting yourself on fire ....

  • 5
    15 December 2017

    Amazing, drank neat it certainly packs a punch! Leaves a warming feel that lasts... lip botox in 30 seconds! Love it and will be buying more

  • 5
    6 December 2017

    Well you certainly know you've had a drink with this one. I like it neat, but i can understand why people mix it. Unlike absynth it actually has quite a nice taste, which you notice just before your mouth exolodes! I can believe it would be excellent as a base in punch, which would be more like a kick in the teeth. Will certainly warm you up on these cold winter nights. Recommended.

  • 5
    18 November 2017

    Being a Royal Navy veteran I thought I'd sampled the best rums from all over the globe. This stuff is just superb. Mixed with cola it is a very pleasant sociable drink, drank neat like a dirty old sea dog, and you're in trouble. Fun trouble though. The burn is stupendous, lips left tingling and throat warmed hotter than crossing the equator while wearing a naval firefighting fearnought suit. Every year I meet with some ex colleagues, next time I'm taking a few bottles of this stuff. Brutal. Love it.

  • 5
    31 October 2017

    It was great, wasn’t too hot or too strong and it tasted superb, I loved it.

  • 5
    15 September 2017

    A great drink. Not for the faint-hearted as it packs some punch, but if you can savor the taste it's a winner.

  • 5
    30 July 2017

    Yup certainly is a hot little number! Bought a bottle from the rum fest in Exeter yesterday after tasting the tiki fire! It is like nothing else I have ever tasted, kind of sets fire (in a nice way) to your lips, tongue and cheeks.... defo looking forward to spending a night alone with this strong hot little number!

  • 5
    26 July 2017

    So full of beautiful flavours, doesn't taste the strength at all! By far my favourite spiced rum, so much more flavour than other well known brands. You will not be disappointed!

  • 3
    17 July 2017

    I tried this as a shot, now let me just tell you how much of a mistake that truly was. My evening started pleasant, few cocktails, having a nice time. Then suddenly, a friend suggested we have some Tikki Fire. I thought, sure, why the hell not. I like rum and I like vanilla. BOY OH BOY was I unprepared. I couldn't speak for around 10 minutes afterwards, my throat was literally on FIRE. Not even a sip of milk could fix that disaster. After that, I'm incredibly unsure how I got home. All I know is that I woke up the next morning in bed, tried to call my friend to find out where I went wrong, but found that I still could not speak. Despite this, the flavour is great, lovely with some Vanilla Coke as well. Just don't be an idiot, don't drink it neat. You're better than that.

  • 5
    10 July 2017

    Don't drink near naked flames! This is a corker of a rum, deep vanilla notes and a long lasting afterglow on the palate. Delectable in a shot glass over a cube of ice

  • 5
    7 March 2017

    Absolutely gorgeous, it doesn't taste its strength though- sweet, sexy, dangerous!

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