Admiral Vernon's Old J Spiced Tiki Fire Rum

70cl / 75.5%
Admiral Vernon's Old J Spiced Tiki Fire Rum
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The high proof release of Admiral Vernon's Old J Spiced Rum, but keeping the same recipe of lime, sugar and spices. A welcome return to how spiced rum used to be.

Please Note

  • This is a high-strength product and we recommend not drinking it neat – please enjoy this diluted or with a mixer of your choice.
Caribbean Blend

Admiral Vernon's Old J Spiced Tiki Fire Rum Reviews

38 Customer Reviews

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  • 3
    23 February

    It's nice enough but lacks any sort of complexity initially. Very, very sweet.

  • 5
    17 January

    Fantastic rum, one of the best I've ever had. Will buy again myself and can't recommend it enough.

  • 5
    17 December 2018

    Being in the Navy I just had to try it. Fantastic rum!!

  • 5
    26 October 2018

    Fantastic rum! Highly recommend!

  • 5
    12 October 2018

    I like the spices and the taste and aroma

  • 5
    26 September 2018

    Lost for words on the quality of this drink – such an appetizing flavour and smell! Also very happy with the service, came to me safely wrapped and accompanied by a free 3cl bottle of Santa Teresa rum and some information leaflets, well worth £40 odd and would honestly recommend to anyone.

  • 4
    19 September 2018

    Tried this beauty at a Gin and Rum festival. One of the nicest rums I've tasted.

  • 5
    18 September 2018

    Being ex Navy, went for it neaters. Scooby Doo. Blew my skiddies off. Love it.

  • 3
    27 August 2018

    Initial impression, not good – far too sweet and far too syrupy, more of a liqueur than a serious rum. Decanted it and allowed it to breathe for three days, a different drink all together: the overpowering smell and taste of vanilla had gone, allowing the herbs and spices to come through. LET IT BREATHE.

  • 5
    9 August 2018

    Recently tried at a Rum festival and positively the nicest rum I’ve ever had. Have to remember that it’s 75% proof as it’s so easy drinking and you have to take your time.

  • 5
    7 August 2018

    Wow! A huge powerful rum, not to be drunk neat. With ginger beer or a cola this is great. Big overtones of lime and vanilla shine through with that high octane alcohol content. Use sparingly.

  • 5
    15 July 2018

    Stunning, so smooth and tasty for such a powerful drink.

  • 5
    11 July 2018

    This was one of the best rums Ive ever tasted!

  • 5
    27 June 2018

    Definitely the best ish I’ve ever had

  • 5
    25 April 2018

    Amazing for an overproof rum! really nice flavour as you drink it, careful though - from experience it's very easy to have too much too quickly!

  • 5
    27 March 2018

    Wow, I thought the lesser proof Old J Spiced Rums were good but this one is fantastic.

  • 5
    3 March 2018

    Smooth Tasting Spicey Rum

  • 5
    5 January 2018

    Tried it straight but a bit too strong for me so tried it with lemonade but doesn't really go with that,that's when I tried it with coke and as soon as I did,it became my favourite rum only need to put a little rum in due to strength so bottle will last a while.some people might think it's expensive but it is well worth it.really nice.

  • 5
    19 December 2017

    I was introduced to this product by a friend ..... Prepare yourself for the best tasting high alcohol content rum on the market ! Yes ..... after the nice taste it leaves your mouth feeling like the depths of Mordor but who cares ?! what a drink ! We drank it neat like true rapscallions but I can imagine it is nice as a mixer as well. After the first shot we had another 2 each amongst other drinks and bought one for the boss - He is a non-emotional seasoned drinker and he nearly got knocked off his feet after having a shot of this nectar. End result was very merry men and a drunk boss .... one of our chums had to be firemans lifted home after the nights festivities ... remember its 75.5% so be aware of this potent concoction. After finding it online I most certainly will be buying a bottle - Bravo ! P.S Top tip - Don't try and do them as a flaming shot as you might end up setting yourself on fire ....

  • 5
    15 December 2017

    Amazing, drank neat it certainly packs a punch! Leaves a warming feel that lasts... lip botox in 30 seconds! Love it and will be buying more

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