Laphroaig Select

70cl / 40%
  • Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Distillery Bottling
Laphroaig Select
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Laphroaig Select is aged in a combination of Oloroso sherry butts, American white oak (we suspect some of this is virgin oak), hogsheads seasoned with Pedro Ximenez, quarter casks and first fill bourbon casks. This results in a restrained and toned down version of this Islay classic.
Distillery Bottling

Laphroaig Select Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Tasting Notes by Billy A

    Nose: Punchy medicinal and mineral notes on the nose - muddy peat, rockpools and sea spray. Behind that there is sweetness, with chocolate milk and cornflake touches, as well as sherbert lemons and a gentle touch of wood smoke.

    Palate: Soft and surprisingly light on the palate, with gingery spice, vanilla, sour apple and char backed up by nutmeg, cinnamon and a little dried fruit. The peat from the nose is subdued, with a soft and syrupy pine note coming through.

    Finish: Spicy new oak, sour apple and a touch of damp wood. As that fades the traditional medicinal notes appear and linger for a short while.

    Comment: An introductory Laphroaig, offering a big hit on the nose and a softer palate to lure in the unsuspecting.

  • Producer's Notes

    Colour: A Fully Natural colour with no caramel added, it is sparkling gold with layers of colour – arising from different maturations and oils mixing together.

    Nose: Peat first, then ripe red fruits from the PX and Olorosso casks. A hint of dryness next from the American oak with a long lingering florally finish - Marzipan and even limes at the end.

    Palate: This full bodied whisky is initially sweet up front- matching the nose, then the classic dry, peaty, ashy flavours come bounding in followed by a lovely rich finish arising from the rich fruits of the European casks.

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  • 4
    13 days ago

    I like it. Its sweet and fruity almost like a sweet cofing candy, then The classic peat comes throgh and in The end oak oils linger almost like rancio...

  • 5
    14 days ago

    I think this is a bang for bucks, nice summer dram.

  • 4
    13 May

    I think this is a great masterpiece of whisky. I dont like the choire that owls that all Laphroaige should tastes the same.. Select is balanced, smooth and sweet but still has that punchy peat dna right in there in the finish. Spice, oils, peat, fruit, sweetnesss. Not the longest finish but the oak oils linger on for a long time.

  • 3
    1 May

    It's like what they would have produced whilst on their way to perfecting a laphroig 10 yo. I'll finish the bottle for sure but won't be buying again.

  • 4
    19 April

    Got this as a present and was instantly curious. I love the Islays - the more peat and smoke the better. This is not as hardcore as the typical Laphroaig, Kilchoman, Ardbeg and so forth. But good and pleasant. However, My next Laphroaig will be the quarter cask. Just a preference thing i guess.

  • 4
    16 April

    Top quality despite its age

  • 5
    26 March

    I think its wonderful - enjoy

  • 5
    2 March

    Great scotch. Tastes like a campfire in your mouth (Minus all the dicks).

  • 2
    28 February

    It's okay (never found a bad one yet), but am a little disappointed considering the price. I don't know what Select means, but it makes me wonder if they are trying to hide something as it just seems a bit lacking. I will enjoy the bottle, won't I won't be buying it again.

  • 4
    28 December 2015

    Don't be snobbish people, it's lovely! Yes - toned down/refined, but classy. Like Laphroaig mixed with, um, bit of talisker, bit of something floral.

  • 3
    19 December 2015

    Not as good as the standard 10yo, but still drinkable

  • 2
    4 December 2015

    I have to agree with MikeB. Drinking for the first time and dissapointed.

  • 2
    15 November 2015

    I''ve been drinking Laphroaig for 40 years, and wish I''d read the reviews before I bought this. ''Toned down'' is an understatement. I''ve had better blends. Very disappointed indeed. It''s Laphroaig Jim, but not as we know it''.

  • 5
    26 October 2015

    Great drink, reminds me of the seaside

  • 5
    20 September 2015

    I was expecting to be disappointed given the reviews but this is an impressive Laphroaig, more polished than usual but still plenty of smoke and tarry rope. Excellent.

  • 5
    6 July 2015

    Laphroaig select is one of the great peaty whiskies. I have tasted the 10 year old and this has far more flavour. The different flavours are amazing. Truly a great malt

  • 4
    26 June 2015

    I''m fully engulfed in the subtle pete, The flora is well balanced, I''m not looking for a wound cleanser, this is more than this was intended to be. ..Scotch Drinker

  • 5
    22 June 2015

    A slightly smoother version of the original. Gives all the classic laphroaig flavour but a little more mellow. I''m hooked!

  • 4
    7 June 2015

    Pleasantly surprising. I am not a fan of the Laphroaig 10. Too much like tcp/iodine. This bottle is much nicer and it is a very smooth, easy to drink whisky. It''s reminds me of an ardbeg 10 with comfy slippers on. It has a wonderfully strong nose but is much gentler on the palate with medium peat strength and beautifully balanced. It is well worth a try especially if you like Ardbeg / is lay malts.

  • 2
    7 May 2015

    This is one of the worst whiskies I''ve had in a long while. I absolutely love Laphroaig, but I''ve no idea what they were trying to do with this release. It''s just... awful.

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