Pisco Porton

70cl / 43%
Pisco Porton
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Pisco Porton is produced in the heart of the Andes Mountains of Peru. Made in small batches (with 15lb of grapes needed for each bottle), it is rested for months after distillation for complexity and roundness.


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    16 July 2018

    Pisco > Grappa! I'm a single malt drinker mainly (with curiosity in other spirits - brandies, bourbons, rye, tequila, etc.) The reason I tend to prefer most malts to most bourbons, ryes, cognac, armagnac and rum is the perceived fruity acidity - it's refreshing and balances out the sweetness. Other spirits are more cloying to me, even if they're rather dry and not sweet like rum. I've only tried this Pisco Porton Mosto Verde and only one grappa - Moletto di Nebbiolo (also at 43%). I don't know if this is true of all piscos and all grappas, but my opinion is that pisco tastes fresher, fruitier and cleaner. Grappa is made from grape must (a byproduct of wine making) and it smells/tastes like that - more seeds and stems than grape, more grape seed oil than grape juice or wine. Pisco is made from actual grapes (wine) and Mosto Verde is made from wine that is not done fermenting and distilled only once, distilled to proof, with heads and feints discarded (not re-distilled). So this pisco tastes like a juicy cluster of green/yellow grapes (with hints of seed/stem). It has the bright fruity acidity to balance out the slight sweetness and the earthiness of seeds/stems. That's what my grappa is missing IMHO, it's a bit murky with earthy flavors, slightly sweet but without sufficient acidity for freshness. Another observation: the eaux-de-vie that becomes cognac/armagnac is known to be very harsh until matured in oak for a while (even a young cognac like VS is more suitable for cooking than drinking), but this pisco is incredibly palatable. It is not harsh at all but has plenty of interest. IMHO it's a better after-meal palate cleanser or digestif. I don't regret buying and trying my grappa for education but for the price I think pisco is a better value and a better dram.