Glenmorangie Traditional

100cl / 57.2%
  • Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Distillery Bottling
Glenmorangie Traditional
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A litre bottle of Glenmorangie bottled with the minimum amount of fuss - unchillfiltered, undiluted and ready for drinking. A bit of water really helps the flavours on this one, but the higher strength gives you the choice as to how much.
Distillery Bottling
10 Year Old
Chill Filtered

Glenmorangie Traditional Reviews

21 Customer Reviews

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  • Prem M 31 January 2013

    An amazingly whisky, have to agree the taste completely changes with a few drops of water to become one of the nicest and smoothest whiskies I have tried.

  • Anonymous 4 October 2012

    The best single malt there is! I cherish my one bottle and keep it stashed for special occasions, and special guests. But now that I know I can buy it from this web site I will get more. It is impossible to find where I live in the States....

  • Ronald 24 May 2012

    I have two case of this wonderful whisky. I am saving it for my son 18 birthday. He will be very happy and enjoy.

  • Colin 14 March 2012

    Keeping mine unopened for a special occasion

  • moo 24 May 2011

    i found it in dubai a few years ago an loved it, didnt realise just how good it was until i ran low and tried to buy more, saving the last few drinks for special occasions now!!!!

  • spychar 6 April 2011

    sent to me by a friend as a gift... Amazing palate, very fine, yet complex. A touch of sea salt at the end to make it even better.

  • Cynthia 16 December 2010

    The most beautiful single-malt to ever touch my glass or my lips.

  • Paul Jensen 16 December 2010

    Incredibble - best whisky I ever tasted - I'm amazed everytime I taste this whisky - how can you put so much taste in a whisky - just stunning

  • Pudge 27 August 2010

    An 'evening in' whiskey that will play with your tongues senses! Exquisite! Its like your last rolo....not something you'' want to share.

  • Paul Jensen 7 August 2010

    Super service - Super fast delivery - Super whisky

  • DAVE NORTH WALES 8 July 2010


  • Anonymous 24 January 2010

    you can find it in tokyo several bottles.not cheap.

  • @yossiyitzak 6 January 2010

    Like liquid cherry juice with dash of vanilla, lemon zest then cured in the finest oak cask found in the ozarks! This will blow your head clean off!

  • Digger 11 December 2009

    It is the best. It has been found on Shiphol from time to time.

  • a_sad_Pole 9 October 2009

    Pitty that it so scarce on the continental European markets:(((

  • Mike K 17 May 2009

    this was not made by hand of mere mortals but by the hands of someone who knew the taste of heaven on earth.

  • Anonymous 10 May 2009

    I totally agree with the above. Absolutely gorgeous.

  • Walt 3 March 2009

    also found this1 in Dubai, and i agree with the rest on here... WOW...

  • Rob Sedman 13 February 2009

    for a 10 year old all to say is WOW.

  • moo 5 November 2008

    I found this in dubai and its gorgeous, pop in a little ice to release the flavour

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