Vulson White Rhino
Rye Spirit

70cl / 41%
  • French Rye Spirit
Vulson White Rhino / Rye Spirit
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White Rhino Rye is the first release from Vulson, a collaboration between Domaine des Hautes Glaces in the French Alps and Xavier Padovani of Experimental Cocktail Club. Made from organic rye, grown, malted and distilled on site, it's sweet, fruity and spicy.


Vulson White Rhino Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Tasting Notes by Rocky

    • Nose:

      A classic unaged spirit nose. There's no overwhelming alcohol notes; instead, there's cream soda, white pepper, green apple and cinnamon.

    • Palate:

      Richer, sweeter and more complex on the palate than I was expecting. A whack of cereal at the front turns into warming dry honey in the middle, with white pepper and clove bringing up the rear.

    • Finish:

      Short to medium, with a lingering spiciness.

    • Comment:

      A lot more interesting and complex than I was expecting from such a young spirit. It's full of flavour.

  • Tasting Notes by Billy

    • Nose:

      Sour apple spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, with mineral touches and freshly milled grain. Clean and uncomplicated, but with more interest than many unaged spirits.

    • Palate:

      Soft and sweet, with growing cinnamon and clove, cream and some of the stony minerality from the nose. Gets fruitier and spicier as it sits on the tongue, developing some resinous notes.

    • Finish:

      Spicy but short, with a bit of apple and some anise.

    • Comment:

      Surprising – from the nose, I expected something with a lot less complexity and flavour. It's got the spice, fruit and interest that you want in a sipper and it's got enough punch to work well in cocktails.

  • Producer's Notes

    • Perfectly clear to the eye, the spirit at 41% abv has impressively long legs around the rim of the glass.

      Very fresh but elegant on the nose, you are met by a wave of aromas, sweeter than you would expect from a rye spirit. First present are the sweeter characters of honey and butterscotch, which then give way to more savoury and spicy aromas of hazelnuts, fresh bread and white pepper.

      On the palate we are again first confronted by soft, sweeter characters as well as a lovely, more intense acacia honey flavour tinged with rich butterscotch, and a hint of liquorice. These initial flavours then give way to those more commonly associated with a rye spirit:- nuttiness, hints of malt and yeast, and a touch of clove.

      The finish is long and zingy and the spicy mouth feel is overlaid with the fresher characters of the initial tasting.

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    16 March 2018

    Quite disappointing. Resembles grappa more than it does whiskey. If you like smooth and aromatic American rye, the French will surely fail to meet your expectations. Interesting to try once, that's about it