Haig Club™

Single Grain Scotch Whisky 70cl | 40%

David Beckham has made his mark in the world of whisky with the launch of Haig Club. A light and sweet grain whisky, Haig Club is aimed at drinkers who have yet to be won over by whisky’s charms. Named after John Haig, the founder of Cameronbridge distillery (where the whisky is made), Haig Club is superb over ice, in long drinks or in short cocktails – it’s an easy-drinking dram that will win anyone over.



    Tasting Notes

    Aroma: A nose of butterscotch, honey and dried tropical fruits with mild pepper and light oak.

    Palate: As nose, plus creamy notes of vanilla and charred/roasted wood bourbon character coming through with body.

    Aftertaste: Dark dried fruit, vanilla, bourbon style cask richness, sweet vanilla, creamy.

    Other notes: Bourbon notes come through with toffee and vanilla giving the liquid complexity and body which carries through – smooth overall flavour delivery.

    Nose: Toffee and bananas up front, with green grassy notes, and gentle ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon spiciness.

    Palate: Sweet and creamy to start, with soft caramel and toffee. Lemon-peel zestiness develops, with tingly cinnamon. Creamy lemon posset with Crunchie bars.

    Finish: Spice, toffee, soft anise and a touch of warmth.

    Comment: Light and sweet with more complexity than you might expect.

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    • 3
      20 February

      Lite like white moscado in color. Lite and bitter sweet in taste. A little too much of alcohol after taste. Not too enjoyable but more enjoyable some.

    • 2
      12 February

      Smooth, but that's about all it's got going for it. Lacking in character, it's still a nicer tipple than many basic blended standard whiskies, but not at a premium price when excellent single malts are available from places like Lidl.

    • 5
      6 February

      Very pleasantly surprised with this product. Something with a different taste to your usual scotch, tastes good neat or in a cocktail and looks great in your cabinet. Overall a great buy.

    • 5
      24 December 2016

      Bough this whisky twice now, smooth, price is good, most important no handover next day. Just as good as single barrel

    • 1
      23 November 2016

      Just got bought a bottle of this from some well meaning friends... smooth, sweet, bland. On the plus side, it'll come in handy for guests who are easily impressed with a flash bottle.

    • 5
      29 October 2016

      Really nice to drink ,had a nice after taste,very smooth worth the money

    • 1
      26 October 2016

      A caramel flavored wodka in stead of a whisky. Grotesquely overpriced

    • 1
      16 October 2016

      Not a nice drink at this or any other price. Sweet soft nose but a burning chemical taste on the tongue. Not an experience to repeat voluntarily.

    • 1
      2 October 2016

      Whatever its merits of the product (and I am hard-pressed to identify them), they simply cannot justify the premium price being asked for it compared to other spirits having similar chacteristics. The premium would seem to be derived from the name of the personality associated with the product, rather than from the product itself.

    • 5
      15 September 2016

      Great taste, smooth and enjoyable. A pleasure to drink!

    • 5
      15 September 2016

      Outstanding! Smooth taste and very enjoyable to drink. Different from single malt and just as good.

    • 1
      7 August 2016

      Bit like tequila on the nose and tastes like someone's been drinking tequila in the glass and not rinsed it out, got a miniature to try glad I only had to drink 50ml of this, so many better ones out there for the price

    • 4
      10 July 2016

      In itself, a very smooth fluid, with a light floral touch, pepper, bananas and Chikoos. Bourbon, possibly from its cask. Cannot be compared with Single Malts, as this is a totally revised approach, nut a nice change from heavy alcohol.

    • 5
      9 July 2016

      After reading all the negative reviews I was pleasantly surprised,I expected to not like it but I like it a lot. A lot better than many ?30/40 single malts. Good bite and many flavours, smooth too, ok ,not a Dalmore 15 ,Tormore 1997 or Glenfarclas 15 but a real suprise and if ?10 cheaper would be a great drink.

    • 5
      28 June 2016

      Just enjoy!

    • 5
      12 June 2016

      Best whisky that I have ever tasted, so smooth, pure quality.

    • 5
      10 May 2016

      HOW MUCH?!?!? You can get soooooooo much better at this price. Bland & boring ala the promoter. If this is a gateway into the wonderfull world of the 'Water of Life' then bury me face down.......I understand it is not a whsikey mans whiskey but come on really? If it is a mixer then why bother, just drink the mixer if that is all you want to taste....

    • 2
      27 April 2016

      Very mediocre grain whisky that will maybe appeal to non-whisky drinkers. As a drink its ok, as a whisky its poor. For the price you expect a lot more - look at the great malts, great rums, or great gins you can buy for the same price! At £15 it be acceptable as an ok mixer, but that's it I'm afraid.

    • 4
      31 March 2016

      Easy to drink. Can't go wrong

    • 4
      17 March 2016

      You mix this with ginger ale and a slice of orange. About 50/50. I agree it's not like drinking a single malt, but it is a lovely change and alternative way of enjoying whisky. I don't agree with the negative reviews as this to me is a great change.

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    • Example of old John Haig advert
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    • Example of old John Haig advert

    by Heritage

    Haig Club™ is built on hundreds of years of whisky heritage, with the Haig family starting out as distillers in the middle of the 1600s. John Haig continued the family tradition with the opening of Cameronbridge in 1824, the distillery where Haig Club™ is made today.

    Iconic Bottle

    Haig Club™ is presented in a unique bottle, with a design drawing on the history and heritage of the House of Haig. The coloured glass evokes the blue nosing glasses used by master blenders, focusing the senses on the aroma and taste.


    David Beckham saying cheers with a glass of Haig Club

    Haig Club™ is a partnership between Diageo (owners of Cameronbridge), entrepreneur Simon Fuller and sporting icon David Beckham. This combination of whisky knowledge, business experience and style is at the core of Haig Club™.


    Simply poured, at room temperature or from the freezer, or served over a block of ice, Haig Club™ needs nothing added to be a great drink. However, it adds a new twist to a variety of classically styled cocktails:

    Haig Clubman cocktail

    Haig Clubman

    50ml Haig Club™ 35ml sparkling apple soda 6 dashes ginger bitters Build over ice in a tumbler or highball, stirring the ingredients together before garnishing with a slice of root ginger.

    Haig Clubhouse Soda cocktail

    Haig Clubhouse Soda

    50ml Haig Club™ soda to fill your glass 2 dashes of your choice of bitters Build in a tall glass over ice, adding cocktail bitters to emphasise your favourite flavours. We recommend Angostura or ginger bitters.

    Haig Club New Old Fashioned cocktail

    Haig Club™ New Old Fashioned

    60ml Haig Club™ 10ml Sweet Vermouth 2 dashes aromatic bitters Stir over large cubes of ice until diluted to your taste. Garnish with a lemon twist and a cherry.

    Haig CLub Shipwreck Smash cocktail

    Haig Club™ Shipwreck Smash

    60ml Haig Club™ 10ml runny honey 2 lemon wedges topped with soda Muddle wedges in a glass, add crushed ice and other ingredients. Stir, add more ice. Garnish: lemon zest & mint sprig.

    Haig Club Dapper'tini cocktail

    Haig Club™ Dapper'tini

    60ml Haig Club™ 5ml dark crème de cacao 20ml lemon juice Shake the ingredients together with ice and fine strain into a coupe. Garnish with a lemon twist.