Glenlivet Founder's Reserve

70cl / 40%
  • Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Distillery Bottling
Glenlivet Founder's Reserve
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The opening salvo of the Glenlivet range, named in honour of the distillery's founder, George Smith. It's classic Glenlivet, with a creamy and fruity character bolstered by the use of first-fill American oak to mature some of the whisky.
Distillery Bottling


  • Body
  • Richness
  • Smoke
  • Sweetness


  • Grass Grass
  • Pear Pear
  • Apple Apple
  • Toffee Toffee

Glenlivet Founder's Reserve Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Tasting notes by Stuart P

    Nose: Very clean and fresh, with notes of grass, freshly cut apples and pear drops, enriched by a rich toffee character. Slight floral note, with menthol and custard-tart notes.

    Palate: The gentle fruitiness continues on to the palate, with pear the dominant note, accompanied by a refreshing mintiness. Very soft texture and mouthfeel with no rough edges. Easy to drink.

    Finish: Soft, fruity and whistle-clean.

  • Producer's Tasting Notes

    Colour: Pale gold.

    Nose: Delicate aromas of citrus fruit, notably sweet orange.

    Palate: Sweet, fruit notes of zesty oranges and pears, with a hint of candy, toffee apples. Well-balanced and exceptionally smooth.

    Finish: Long, creamy and smooth.

94 Customer Reviews

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  • 2
    4 days ago

    Lacks complexity. Disappointing.

  • 1
    7 days ago

    As a life long fan of Glenlivet, this is a shockingly bad product. For me it was almost undrinkable. Just my opinion.

  • 1
    12 days ago

    This really is a marketing ploy. I'm not a major fan of the 12 year old but, if gifted I'll be happy to indulge. However the founders reserve is offensive. Little more than coloured alcohol, a little flavour but nothing discernable. Water helps a little but you have to drown it to make it drinkable. George Smith must burl in his grave. An appalling offering. If you get it as a gift pass it quickly. Certainly don't waste money on this insult.

  • 5
    2 February

    Never tasted a nicer single malt, very easy going down, zesty and fruity love it but dangerous, could drink it like cordial, no harshness at all love it

  • 4
    26 January


  • 4
    17 January

    A great introduction to single malt whiskey. A hint of citrus and smooth. Not bad for the price.

  • 3
    3 January

    Smooth and peppery finish with the cask notes to the fore in the taste compared to the nose which was rather bland with only a hint of the grass and toffee as described. A reasonable but not exceptional whisky and not deserving of the bad reviews.

  • 4
    2 January

    I had this bought for me for Christmas and love it. It smooth and is very easy to drink.

  • 3
    29 December 2017

    Weak. Tastes watered down, with little body, less flavor. Not smooth, as you would expect from this usually exceptional distiller! Disappointing, at best! Could be referred to as swill! If this was not a gift, I would return it. I refuse to drink rotgut, so will save this for those I do not like!

  • 5
    26 December 2017

    My wife gets me a bottle of good whisky every Christmas. For the last two years it has been Founder's Reserve. My brother also brought me a bottle on his visit from Canada. Overall it is excellent. I can't tell you about nose, palate etc, all I know is that I like it. very smooth and mellow. Tastes great!

  • 1
    15 December 2017

    Disappointed. Prefer your 12 yr

  • 5
    7 December 2017

    Very good nose, with lots of citrus, even a hint of chocolate. Taste suprises with fruits and even some coffee. A delicate and complex whisky.

  • 2
    21 November 2017

    Being fairly new to Scotch, I find myself picking up cheaper nightly sippers as I explore what I know damn well are superior drams here and there. A bottle of Glenlivet Founder's Reserve is about on par with Finlaggan, my other nightly sipper, both in price and quality. I prefer something peatier than Glenlivet (e.g. Finlaggan), but the Glenlivet's decent and at least as good as my Glenfiddich 12. Overall I am set on single-malt Scotch, and preferably an Islay; no Bourbon, no Whiskey, and no blends for me. Insofar as that goes, I have no problem winding down with a few ounces of Glenlivet FR and would give a more expensive Glenlivet a go as well.

  • 4
    12 November 2017

    Fantastic nose; pears, even a bit of dark chocolate. Taste again surprisingly good for NAS. However bit pepperery or rough on finish. Nice whisky

  • 2
    11 November 2017

    I loved the 12yo. The Founders Reserve is bland and cheap with a shallow flavour. Not for me.

  • 3
    11 November 2017

    I don't know what all the bad reviews are about. Sure it is young, but it ticks the boxes. Trouble is there is too much choice and too much wealth.

  • 3
    30 October 2017

    average entry range scotch. I love the 12yo to which this is no comparison. To add to that not too many years ago you could pick up a bottle of 12yo for less than this.

  • 1
    29 October 2017

    As a long time scotch drinker this one is not worth my time a big step backwards for glenlivit

  • 2
    23 October 2017

    Had high hopes for something called founders reserve, but no age statement and lower price should have clued me in. Not up to par.

  • 5
    19 October 2017

    Best malt I have tasted Absolutely wonderful

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