Connemara Peated Irish Whiskey

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  • Irish Single Malt Whiskey
Connemara Peated Irish Whiskey
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Thought peat was all about Islay? Think (or perhaps that should be 'drink') again. All Islay fans owe it to themselves to check out Connemara from the splendid Cooley distillery.

Connemara Peated Irish Whiskey Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Tasting Notes by Simon Difford for Class Magazine

    Clear, mid golden amber with polished golden glints.

    Sweet barley (touch of barley water) with wafts of peaty smoke, kippers and well baked apple crumble.

    Lightly honey sweet, subdued clean rather than sooty smoke with peaty vegetal notes, sweet barley water, light spice and vanilla oak.

    Lingering smoke, spicy oak and sweet almonds.

    Diffordsguide rating - 4/5

  • Tasting Notes by Dr Whisky

    Honey and lemon, green grapes, skin cream/lotion. Very fresh on the nose. The peat is in there, but it is all so perfumed, estery, and free of the associations that often appear with peat smoke that it could go unnoticed. Apple crumble, margarine, and a touch of animal hide.

    Okay, well the smoke will not go unnoticed on the palate, but it is so clean, and surrounded by floral sweetness, that to compare it to a Scottish whisky would not quite be fair (to either). Peated barley at the heart of the flavours, grassy, and increasingly drying. Oak and almonds.


    A unique peated whiskey experience. Very drinkable, even quaff-able, with sweetness, and an interesting summer weeds type of presence. And plenty of peat, but don't expect a peat beast; this is driving-through-the-country window-seat-peat.

    [These tasting notes are reproduced from]

  • Producer's Tasting Notes

    Colour: Lightly golden

    Nose: Smokey peatiness balanced by heather floralness with hints of honey and oak.

    Taste: Silky smooth with a honey sweet start, followed by more complex aromas of malt and fruit giving way to the intensifying full bodied peat. A well-balanced yet complex taste with vanilla oak notes.

    Finish: A long and glorious finish with golden honey notes and deep peat spreading across the mouth and palate. Hints of chocolate vanilla and oak leave a mouth-watering taste!

    Serving Suggestions: Connemara can be enjoyed neat or with a little water to release the bouquet.

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  • 2
    6 days ago

    Too much smoky flavour.

  • 5
    14 January

    If you like Islay malt , you need to try this. A real treat. Peaty but not from islay? But so drinkable. A joy to discover. Once drunk, never forgotten.

  • 4
    9 January

    Laphroaig 10 go to drink Very nice change of pace.

  • 1
    6 January

    First Whiskey I've ever poured down the sink. Tastes like a urinal smells.

  • 5
    1 January

    Crispy, pleasant bite to the palate, leaves a clarity of soothing after taste that encourages me to long for the next.

  • 4
    23 December 2017

    I just opened the bottle and immediately tasted it from an apropriate glass. The smell was little weared and its taste was awful... I never drop things wihout another chance... I left the glass on the table and the bottle open a few minutes. After that I tasted it again... I was suprised. The strong smoke smell was gone. And the taste has changed...

  • 4
    19 December 2017

    Smokey but not overpowering. A hint of green olives brine, so good!

  • 2
    12 November 2017

    I have never tasted anything so rough and oily. It's the drink I go for when I have no whisky left in my cabinet. Amazed it gets such positive reviews.

  • 3
    29 August 2017

    Just few step away from greatness. This should definitely be at 46 %, non-chill, no artificial color. Simple things, it's not that difficult.

  • 4
    27 June 2017

    Managed to pick up a bottle last week on duty free so thought I'd give it a go and I was not disappointed! I usually like islay whiskys like laphroaig or ardbeg but I found this to be very enjoyable to drink. Not a peat monster as some others are.. more subtle in the smoke but still very nice indeed.. Some sweetness there too .. overall a great whisky! Tip* don't water this one down.. you'll loose the smoke and some flavours.. it will go very thin very quick.. and at a low 40% it really doesn't need water... just drink it neat and enjoy!

  • 5
    10 June 2017

    A real surprise. All the smooth, quaffability of a refined Irish whiskey but quite complex and full bodied. Subtle but definite presence of peat. A very very nice drink.

  • 5
    6 May 2017

    One of the Best peated whiskeys I've ever taste. Also the price in Greece make top value for money along with Talisker 10 that is even better I think considering that Connemara is NAS.. Great alternative though, with complexity I'm taste, never experienced it..

  • 5
    5 May 2017

    It has a unique peat smell for an Irish whiskey, but the the triple distillation still comes through. Thoroughly unique!

  • 5
    5 March 2017

    One of my favourite staples.

  • 5
    19 October 2016

    As a single malt scotch drinker the label description intrigued me and I got some. Very glad I did!

  • 5
    29 September 2016

    A very unusual, if not unheard of, peated Irish whisky. I like the heavily peated Scottish Laphroig, but I was looking for something with a lighter peat touch. A bartender suggested Connemara. I was surprised and delighted. My new favorite, and at a reasonable price too.

  • 4
    17 February 2016

    A friend and I enjoyed it very much. We're single malt scotch drinkers, and the description interested us. Any single malt drinker should try it!

  • 5
    29 December 2015

    Excellent with a smooth finish

  • 3
    11 August 2015

    I had pretty high hopes as I began my first glass. The peat is what attracted me. Although I will definitely give it another try (as I tried it neat) I wasn''t fully impressed. It was sweeter than I think an Irish whiskey should be, and the peat didn''t seem to be well integrated into the whiskers overall flavor. It seemed like someone had poured a few drops of liquid smoke into he glass rather than having an ''infused'' character. I am, however, looking forward to my next glass. If I enjoyed it more, I should be worried about drinking too much of it anyway.

  • 5
    30 July 2015

    One of the finest whiskies I have ever tasted. Alas it is clearly out of my humble price range otherwsie I would have a cupboard full of this Irish nectar.

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