Suntory Yamazaki 18 Year Old

70cl / 43%
  • Japanese Single Malt Whisky
Suntory Yamazaki 18 Year Old
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Customer Rating

A wonderful example of what Japanese whisky is capable of. We absolutely love this. Extremely smooth, with great complexity and a lovely balance of fruit, silky malt and a touch of smoke.

18 Year Old

Suntory Yamazaki 18 Year Old Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Producer's Tasting Notes

    Yamazaki 18yo is the multi award winning whisky. It is proudly awarded SWSC Double Gold Medal in 2005, IWSC Trophy in 2006 and ISC Gold in 2007.

    The richness of sherry and raisins fill the nose then its dark rich maraschino cherries and finally coffee cream chocolate appear. Full body malt.

  • Tasting Notes from Whiskyfun (Serge Valentin)

    This one was matured in sherry casks. The nose is very woody, in a nice way, with some varnish, turpentine. A beautiful balance. Some very soft tannins… Extremely oaky but masterfully crafted. The mouth is superbly balanced, with lots of orange juice and spices. Creamy yet nervous, with all sorts of fruit syrups and jams. Besides, the finish is very long. I loved this one: 90 points.

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  • 4
    20 November 2018

    Good. I like it. Not crazy good but well rounded and long lasting. You get a slight oily coat which I like. Oak with little fruit on the finish.

  • 5
    30 June 2018

    greetings, I have tried this wiskey, it has a unique flavor that comes to my mouth for several hours after I have a drink

  • 5
    5 June 2018

    A Yamazaki 18 is extremely hard to find nowadays, and I'm so blessed to be able to get my hands on a bottle. To begin, it has a delicate and smooth taste, all well balanced with slight hint of wood/oak on the nose. The thing that differentiates it from its counterparts of younger years is both the level of smoothness and the type of finish. The 18 has a long and satisfiable finish that makes you longing for another sip.

  • 5
    11 February 2017

    This is magic if you can find it. I used to get this for $100 at my local liquor store. Now good luck and be prepared to pay!!!

  • 5
    14 November 2016

    Superb. One problem. Just try and put it down. Good Luck!

  • 5
    29 April 2016

    Quite possibly the finest example of what whiskey can be smooth full of flavour and rounded and soft on the palate. As I am normally a dedicated Rum drinker this was a delight to sample the other day and has left a lasting impression.

  • 5
    26 March 2016

    Absolutely super smooth single malt whiskey from Japan had a chance to try it only once like pure nectar with soft tunes of music going down your throat hope to get some more in the future

  • 5
    26 June 2014

    On the nose this has lots of burnt lemon like its been charred on a BBQ with some sweet sherry raisin and a touch of pepper. On the palette is more burnt citrus fruit, but more like orange this time with some complex molasses and spice flavours on the finish. Some aniseed, cinnamon and nutmeg lingers on the finish. An absolute belter of a whisky. Worth the punt if you can split the cost and share a bottle between some good friends.

  • 5
    23 June 2014

    Smooth tasting whiskey!! My husband LOVED it ~ it was an anniversary gift

  • Jim C 9 May 2014

    "Gun to my head", this is my favourite single malt. Warm and resonant with fantastic complexity. Vanilla, Orange, Sultana combined with a measured smokiness, I can't recommend it highly enough. The only problem with it is the 25 yr old which I had to try when I visited the distillery (near Kyoto) This is a shining example of what is wonderful about Japanese whisky. When I started drinking it, it was about £70 a bottle. At double that now it's a big ask, but totally worth it.

  • steven 8 May 2014

    Recently came back trip from Japan. Tried the Yamazaki 12YO, 18YO and 25 YO at the Suntory Factory just outside of Osaka. Very distinct flavour and differences. 12YO is nice, but for the best value, smoothness and taste, 18YO on the rocks is my pick. Compared 18Y Yamazaki to 18YO Macallan, Yamazaki 18Y because of the smoothness and pleasant taste.

  • JH 21 August 2013

    I am writing in August 2013. The price from TWE is currently the same as the price I have paid for the Yamazaki 18 at both Tokyo and Fukuoka airports' duty shops in the last 3 months. Might be worth buying here while stocks last.

  • Anonymous 7 June 2013

    I've had many single malts and this one is my favorite. Tilt the glass and appreciate the viscous character. Smell it and pick up it's beautiful bouquet of coffee, toffe, caramel,cinnamon, clove, and oak. Taste it and ahhhh. And exquisite work of art!

  • Jim C 10 November 2012

    Depends on the day of the week but this is easily one of my all time favourites. My last drink on earth would most likely be Yamazaki 18. Unfortunately due to the price hike it's special occasions only but it's too good to pass up. Sweet, slightly fuity and slightly smokey. Every mouthful and you're detecting new elements. It's just brilliant. Miss it at your peril.

  • Henry, Singapore 25 October 2012

    Wonderful sherry malt by Yamazaki; very difficult to come across nowadays. Best 18 yrs single malt in the world! Highly recommended. Buy it if you still can find it now!

  • Paolo, Alghero, Italy 15 October 2012

    Fantastico whisky!!!

  • Francoise, Paris 9 October 2012

    Creme de la Creme!

  • Maltfan, Taiwan 5 October 2012

    Best Japanese whisky ever! Beautiful sherry malt :-)

  • TWE Admin 10 April 2012

    Unfortunately, due to a very limited supply in the UK, it costs more to source this product. With a higher cost price, comes a higher retail price.

  • Anonymous 9 April 2012

    Regarding the price, it is possibly due to strong yen. Yen/Pound has doubled compared to 5 years ago.

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