True Love True Love
True Love
True Love
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This first release in the Rosebank Roses series is an exquisite whisky from this iconic lost distillery. Matured solely in bourbon casks, it displays the sublime Rosebank fruitiness for which it is famed.

Rosebank True Love ‐ 21 Years Old

Tasting Notes

NOSE Delicate at first, with a soft and spicy core, fruit and grassy notes. Granny Smith and Golden Delicious apples mix with honeysuckle and barley sugar, hints of cough candy, black pepper and vanilla toffee.

PALATE Sweet, with the apples and candied notes from the nose fading to reveal a complex core. Oaky spice sits beside liquorice root, grapes and barrel char. Vanilla cream and white chocolate balance the darker flavours.

FINISH Peppery spice fades to reveal orchard fruit, more white chocolate and grassy notes.

COMMENT A classic Rosebank, with well-balanced fruit and spice.