Balvenie 21 Year Old
Port Wood

70cl / 40%
  • Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Distillery Bottling
Balvenie 21 Year Old / Port Wood
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An additional period of maturation in 30 year-old port pipes has given this aged Balvenie an extra level of depth and concentration of flavour, adding potent fruit and smoke notes to the silky-smooth full-bodied palate. Rich, indulgent, after-dinner Speyside at its best.
Distillery Bottling
21 Year Old
Cask Type
Port Finish


  • Body
  • Richness
  • Smoke
  • Sweetness


  • Cinnamon Cinnamon
  • Raisins Raisins
  • Orange Orange
  • Hazelnut Hazelnut
  • Honey Honey
  • Cream Cream

Balvenie 21 Year Old Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Tasting Notes by The Whisky Exchange

    Nose: Big and fruity up front, with ripe raisins, touches of peach and a background of nuts.

    Palate: Creamy texture with the classic honey and spices complemented by dried fruit and grapes.

    Finish: Long, with nuts and hints of cocoa.

  • Tasting Notes by Dr Whisky

    Fruity and creamy, like orange creamsicles. Raisin sweetness and brazil nut dryness. A distinct mustiness in the background verifies the age.

    Honeyed and creamy with a big, rich flavour impact; but somehow gentle, like a pillowfight or Jello wrestling. Spicy, too, pepper and a bit of chinese 5-spice or something. Deep and complex. Long creamy finish with nutty oakiness and, i dunno... hard to explain; not a flavour but a feeling...very exciting, like gently touching the inside lip of someone you love (or lust) with your tongue. Warming and sensual. Each sip an experience that is happily repeated.

    [These tasting notes are taken from]

  • Producer's Tasting Notes

    Nose:  A perfume of fruity and ripe raisin notes, backed by a nutty dryness.

    Palate:  A malt of refinement and remarkable character, it is creamy and silky with fruit, honey and spice notes, and has a long and gentle nutty finish.

    David Stewart - The Balvenie Malt Master

39 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    4 days ago

    This is a ridiculously delicious whisky. If you like the Redbreast 12 yo barrel strength, I suspect this will be up your alley.

  • 5
    5 days ago

    I tried this again recently after a few years. A little different to how I remember it a bit sharper a bit more citrus, still has a whiff of smoke - It passes my most fundamental test in a whisky, I can just keep drinking and drinking and drinking it.

  • 5
    26 September

    My favorite!!

  • 5
    26 September

    My favorite!!

  • 5
    10 September

    Sweet wood! The nose is phenomenal, and taste is sweet and woody. Highly recommended

  • 5
    3 July

    Although a tad too sweet, I've worked my way through three bottles so far.

  • 5
    8 May

    I got my first 21yo portwood in the early 2000?s and it is still my all time favorite. Not even the 30yo is as good as this is. Price has gone up 100%, but still worth every penny. Lovely and smooth. Highly recommend higher vol bottles than 40%, since they give more taste out with a drop of water.

  • 5
    10 March

    Delicious very smooth I wish it had a little more bite goes down too easy

  • 5
    3 December 2016

    Could not think of a better whiskey. No need for detailed drawn out review. If this is in your budget, get it. You wont regret it

  • 5
    18 May 2016

    The major drawback of this whisky is that it is too easy to drink. The nose is almost a bit too sweet, but not cloying indeed. It goes down with no sense of burning at all and leaves a well balanced persisting taste. A rounder alternative to the great super-masculine peaties

  • 5
    16 April 2015

    Powerful nose. I was at a restaurant. I had to keep swatting at a fruitfly. It eventually ended up in my glass and drowned. (What a way to go). Fortunately my drink was graciously replaced. Very enjoyable.

  • 5
    4 February 2015

    I really liked this young adult dram and am looking forward to it tonight. Great raisin sweetness , star anise, smooth nutmeg oak flavor. Compact with a nice finish and subtle vanilla impact. This makes me want to explore the Doublewood next or just buy another bottle of this one.

  • 5
    3 February 2015

    Intriguing experience when dealing with the difference between sweetness from raisins as oppose to citrusy and apple flavors. A school teacher of whisky teaching me an amazing development of smoothness and dryness while still wetting my taste buds from honeyed dehydrated fruit and balanced spice. This bottle was my first Balvenie bottle and it definitely makes me curious to explore their 12yr Double Wood. I like this bottle a lot and don''t know if there is anything else in its age bracket besides maybe 1 or 2 bottles that can compete.

  • 5
    1 January 2015

    The ABSOLUTE favourite in my collection of different whiskies, just ordered one more, will buy one more as well in soon future :)

  • 5
    2 December 2014

    Wow ! Just wow !. Absaloubtly stunning and amazing, how this malt can evoke such emotions and it''s a honor to be able to exsperiance such a dram of this stature and refinement just remember for every year of age on a malt whisky you should leave it stand for a minuit per each year and I wouldent recommend adding a tea spoon of water in this one as there is more aroma and flavour un watered like I said above just leave it stand a min per year and best of all enjoy it with a friend or family member !

  • aviationman 9 June 2014

    I bought a bottle at Singapore Airport, for my price range it's the very best & smooth malt scotch whisky I've ever had, plus when I arrived home I found I had a bottle of the same already. So one half glass a week is going to last much longer than I thought.

  • Andy 16 July 2013

    Simply the best whisky I've ever had. I discovered it at the whisky fringe and it was so good I kept going back for more

  • Poserj 31 March 2013

    Very nice, tasty, but subtle and perhaps slightly disappointing for a 21 year old.

  • Snoop-A-Loop 18 March 2013

    Sweeet sassy molassy!!!

  • Anonymous 8 March 2012

    best ever!

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