Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition

70cl / 40%
  • Blended Irish Whiskey
Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition
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Jameson Caskmates sees the reuse of old whiskey barrels. Nothing new in that, but in between, they've been used to age stout from Cork's Franciscan Well brewery. This has added notes of cocoa, coffee and butterscotch to this classic Irish whiskey.


  • Marzipan Marzipan
  • Milk Chocolate Milk Chocolate
  • Oak Oak
  • Butterscotch Butterscotch
  • Coffee Coffee

Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Producer's Tasting Notes

    Nose: Crisp orchard fruits like green apples and pears, mild pot-still spices.

    Taste: Subtle touch of hops and cocoa beans, marzipan and charred oak.

    Finish: Long and sweet with milk chocolate and butterscotch.

29 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    6 January

    Great easy drinking whiskey. Definitely worth trying.

  • 5
    4 January

    First of all, I don't expected that whiskey is that good... I thought it is another whiskey like Jameson Crested good but not enough but I was wrong. This is one of my favorite Jameson's smothness, complexity, buttery tastes very enjoyable. This product surprised me more than Jameson Select Reserve ( not Black Barrel didn't tried yet). Good Job Jameson

  • 4
    26 December 2017

    Great whiskey with a well rounded flavor! You can smell the stout barrels faintly on the nose. Hints of coffee and caramel are balanced with a slight hoppiness. For the price, one of the best drinking Irish whiskeys on the market. My daughters were upset when they both gave me a bottle for Christmas until they realized that I was ecstatic about it!

  • 5
    4 December 2017

    Jameson or Tullemore Dew used to be my go to's until I found Caskmates. It's a happy marriage of mild coffee, hops and caramel notes with solid whisky notes. The mild oakiness sets off the spice and vanilla undertones. I always have a bottle of this in the house. It's great to sip on the rocks or shoot as an accent to your favorite stout or Irish ale.

  • 4
    18 November 2017

    Very pleasant taste. Instantly reminded me of bourbon. It smells great and has a real smooth Jameson taste! I recommend

  • 4
    5 November 2017

    I had read and re read all the reviews of Caskmates before I went shopping. From the reviews, I surmised that this had to the whiskey that was a perfect fit for me. I love Jameson's original blend and Black Barrel is my hands down favorite Irish so CM was going to the best of the three. Nope. Not in my opinion anyway. The nose is awesome with chocolate and caramel and the mouth feel is simply amazing. So...why did I feel a bit of a let down? The taste reminded me instantly of a blended scotch. Is it bad? Not by a long shot. In fact I can see why it remains a fan favorite. This whiskey has a distinct personality. My problem was personal preconceived expectations. It isn't Black Barrel, and it wasn't meant to be. I'll not be giving up on this bottle though and I look forward to reading more of your reviews!

  • 5
    4 November 2017

    Most enjoyable Jameson in my view

  • 5
    20 October 2017

    Smoothest whiskey on the market.

  • 5
    17 September 2017

    Great, smooth and mellow,so enjoyable its easy to have another,and then one more.

  • 4
    14 September 2017

    It is better than expected

  • 5
    10 August 2017

    A versatile whiskey if ever there was one! I tried it in a fantastic Lisbon beer bar where each ale was a treat. Their deal was you could buy a full shot of Jameson Caskmates Stout edition for just 1€ with each beer bought. It was perfect side to every beer I tried (and I did my best!) Each beer seemed to bring a new note to the Jameson. It also does a fine job as a standalone whiskey. Certainly now a firm favorite of mine.

  • 5
    21 June 2017

    Really surprising. Sampled a little this morning and bought a bottle right away. The concept of this whiskey completely intrigued me. I wasn't at all disappointed. The chocolate, cocoa, buttery, stout and caramel flavors were astounding. Its smoothness amazing. Well done Jameson.

  • 5
    18 June 2017

    As good as bushmills but smoother

  • 5
    15 June 2017

    Converted from JD I've been loyal to since 1963. Smooth and satisfiying. Great ! Price hurts a bit.

  • 5
    31 May 2017

    best whiskey under $30 out there. I would gladley pay way more for it.

  • 5
    11 April 2017

    Definitely something that could get you into trouble. This is one of the finest whiskeys I have tasted. On par with the big boys. In Houston it hovers around 30 bucks, would happily pay twice that much. A mighty fine creation.

  • 5
    9 April 2017

    This has been an extremely pleasant awakening. A smooth dark chocolate (I think)flavour, roasted yet rounded finish and a satisfying price.A truly brilliant whiskey, perfect for chasing that mild, porter or stout.

  • 4
    10 February 2017

    This is nice Irish. There is more complexity in this blend of malts due to being finished in beer casks. I like it better the regular Jameson. Sweet brown sugar, apple, peat, and a long sweet/spicy finish. Nice whiskey.

  • 5
    7 February 2017

    I have tried many whiskeys and even the Jameson 18 yr. I have been a fan of Jameson for some time now and this has sealed the deal for me. This one is truly amazing. I love my stout beers as much as my whiskey so this was a match in heaven.

  • 5
    1 February 2017

    Baked apples and pears, chocolate, mild warming spice, oaky finish. Just what the doctor ordered after a long day at work, lovely beside a roaring fire with the rain pelting down outside. Go get some, you won't be dissappointed and super value.

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