Lagavulin 16 Year Old

70cl / 43%
  • Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Distillery Bottling
Lagavulin 16 Year Old
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The Islay representative in the 'Classic Malts' series is a deep, dry and exceptionally peaty bruiser. Probably the most pungent of all Islay malts, Lagavulin is not for the faint-hearted but inspires fanatical devotion in its many followers.

Runner Up in TWE's Whisky of the Year 2014
Distillery Bottling
16 Year Old


  • Body
  • Richness
  • Smoke
  • Sweetness


  • Orange Orange
  • Pineapple Pineapple
  • Brine Brine
  • Kippers Kippers
  • Smoke Smoke

Lagavulin 16 Year Old Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Tasting Notes by David Broom for Whisky Advocate

    Lagavulin is a classic example of how smoke isn't a blunt instrument that covers everything in a fog, but an element that works with all the flavours produced in distillation and maturation. Lagavulin isn't 'smokey,' its peat moves into a weird territory of Lapsang Souchong tea and pipe tobacco, fishboxes and kippers. It smells of laurel and light cereal, but is always sweet. The palate shows more creosote, with hints of kelp and a little touch of iodine. Complex.

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  • 5

    Quite simply the best whiskey I have ever tried. Every sip takes you on a different journey.

  • 4
    13 days ago

    This is a great scotch (I also have the 1999 Distiller's Edition but prefer this one), but requires a bit of preparation, I think, to get the most out of it. For example, by pouring it into a small Glencairn glass you will get an alcohol bomb followed by peat (nice peat), but using a glass that is a bit wider, I think you get better aromas. After a few sips, I always add two drops of water to open it up. As other reviewers note, it is a harmony of peat, brine, and a certain smooth, sweet, mildly fruity taste. I love drinking this slowly with no disturbances. This is a real pleasure to drink.

  • 4
    26 April

    The trick is to add just enough water. Too much will loose its taste too little will keep the peaty scent too striking.

  • 5
    15 April

    As Brian Cox put it Lagavulin is indeed the cognac of scotch whisky. The smoke is so well-balanced with the rest of the spirit and that kippers taste will keep you coming back for more. I would advise that you don't add any water or ice. Savour it as you find it. Delectable stuff. 6 out of 5

  • 5
    1 April


  • 2
    14 March

    very very pungent. All I could smell and taste was smokey iodine and kelp.

  • 5
    4 March

    I don’t drink whiskey, well I thought I didn’t like it until I tried this very good smokey whiskey. I will give it a try soon

  • 5
    3 March

    I sampled a bottle of this at Christmas, superb. A friend had just been on whisky tasting course so he brought his expertise to the table. The first sip was like fire water, then the smokiness came through, the 2nd was salty, literally like tasting the sea. The third was a sublime sweetness. The complex flavours continually open up & the whisky seemed to get better & better with every dram. The bottle lasted 4 weeks & has ruined me, nothing I've tried since has come close. Be warned, you won't go back to anything else once you've tried this. Not cheap, but incredible value for such a quality malt.

  • 5
    2 March

    My favorite alcohol of all time. Smooth, smokey and complex. Elevates any event, and leaves you wanting more.

  • 5
    16 February

    Smokey, smooth, and very aromatic. Be warned, This is not something I’d recommend for a first timer.

  • 5
    14 February

    Wonderful smokey smooth single malt that delights. Tried first on Burns night!

  • 1
    9 February

    I LOVE peaty whiskies, but Oh my god it’s too intense! I love Lagavulin 12, but the 16 YO is too much for my taste! I have around $20,000 worth of whiskies in my collection and I love every single bottle that I have. But I honestly don’t know what to do with this one. Too much! The smoke is not even peaty, it’s just like you put your noise and mouth on the exhaust of an old car that is having an engine start failure! Have tried this bottle 3 times so far hoping that I change mind, but it gets worse every time! Just awful!

  • 4
    9 February

    Enjoying my very first glass of Lagavulin 16...all the smokiness and peat, with hints of the ocean (kelp!?)...I really like how it leaves my palate after each sip...brilliant!

  • 4
    5 February

    Acquired taste this one,but if you like love it!!!!Amazing flavours...great fun to sip and savour and wallow in those Lagavulin tastes!

  • 5
    1 February

    Love it. Agree with Brian Cox - cognac of the whiskies

  • 5
    27 January

    Full of wonderful campfire smokiness. a drinking experience that can only be compared to a brisk walk on a wild Scottish headland

  • 5
    27 January

    One of my favourite malts, Love the nose and the lasting flavour is great with a powerful smoke coming through. Brilliant and Christmas time when I get a new bottle always makes me happy. A must buy for a smoke fan

  • 5
    26 January

    It seems to be a love or hate Scotch. The complexity to me means my palate won’t hit on only one or two aspects. Every sip is slightly different. Never boring! My birthday celebration whisky!

  • 5
    21 January

    Such a great Islay whisky, really changes from peated smoke to sweet with a little water and half hour in the glass. So complex and an amazing finish. Just a few glasses into my first bottle of this one but will have to keep it in my rotation for sure. Just an excellent Islay whisky.

  • 5
    20 January

    Most pungent Islay of all single malt

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