Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur

70cl / 16.5%
Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur
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A five-star liqueur, made with 'black raspberries' and other bramble fruits, infused in aged cognac. Perfect for dressing up desserts or sweetening a cocktail. And anyone who can enlighten me as to how the French 'black raspberry' differs from the British 'blackberry' will earn extra bonus points.


Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur Reviews

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  • 5
    24 August

    Wonderful on vanilla ice cream

  • 5
    28 December 2018

    Lovely in Champagne or Prosecco

  • 5
    9 October 2018

    Love it in the winter, in a mug of hot chocolate , while out walking in the snow. Nothing better

  • 5
    23 March 2018

    Excellent for sipping. It is wonderful!

  • 5
    16 October 2017


  • 5
    4 June 2017

    One of the most beautiful liqueurs I've ever tried

  • 5
    20 March 2016

    oh my this is just to good for words

  • Anonymous 22 April 2013

    Discovered this via daughter in a Miss Martini. A delicious combination of cream, vodka and Chambord and raspberries. Like a rich fruity alcoholic melting ice cream.

  • Susan, Inverness, Scotand. 19 January 2013

    Love it, love it love it. Key ingredient in French Martini and wonderful in Prosecco or Champagne. Great price, will be buying it here from now on.

  • Anonymous 1 January 2013 Great liqueur, shame about the redesign of the bottle.

  • GT, Perth 22 July 2012

    I gave someone in the office a pair of leather boots, she was sooo happy, and the following week I got this wee bottle on my desk. Now looking fwd to trying it!

  • Audrey fife 9 June 2012

    French martini .........Two shots vodka two shots chamborg ice and fill shaker with pineapple juice shake well

  • Ben 13 January 2012

    wet a shot glass rim and dip it in icing sugar. Fill the glass with Chambord and add double cream (sits on top). Tastes like a Jammy Donut

  • Peter, Singapore 7 October 2011

    This is a wonderful liquor which I discovered thanks to as it is not sold in Singapore. It really has a nice red fruit fragrance and goes real well with champagne and in other cocktails.

  • Liz Bradley 26 April 2011

    Try it with Bailey in a shot glass we call it jammie dodger,lovely.

  • Hilda 23 April 2011

    This drink is just gorgeous, really lovely! I really like it!!

  • Anonymous 19 April 2011

    this drink has changed my life forever love it

  • Anonymous 8 January 2011

    Try it with Midori, Vodka, Cranberry and Pineapple juice over loads of ice!

  • Anonymous 2 August 2010

    If picking in the wild, Blackberry bear later (Mid July thru August) and the underside of the leaves are pale green, where as the Raspberry leaves are silvery and bear earlier (late May thru June).

  • Anonymous 22 June 2010

    royal ascot served this drink with bombay sapphire gin and lemonade with a squeeze of lime, its called a royal blush and i could drink it all day long i love it

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