Marka Cask Matured Norwegian Bitters
Half Litre

50cl / 35%
Marka Cask Matured Norwegian Bitters / Half Litre
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Marka is a Norwegian-style digestive bitters from Oslo Håndverksdestilleri, the first distillery to open in Norway since 1927. A blend of 16 botanicals including juniper, gentian, wormwood and angelica, this is best enjoyed either with tonic water or in the traditional Norwegian manner – with beer, including sweeter amber ales or lower-strength Belgian beers. This pairs well with games, duck or roast beef, as well as on its own as a digestif.


Marka Cask Matured Norwegian Bitters Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Tasting Notes by Dave Broom

    Nose: Exotic and spiced, there’s touches of laurel oiliness, bog myrtle and a gentle, fleshed out, citric sweetness. This then broadens into a sweet/sour/bitter complex melange of roots, herbs, and spices. Heady. In time, it rises into a menthol area, while at the same time digging itself into the moistened earth. Complex in other words.

    Palate: Very intense and drier than the nose suggests but with enough of a rounded palate to balance. This is a cleansing draft, with the dusty, forest floor flavours of gentian and calamus held in check by subtle sweetness and that citric element.

    Finish: The bitter notes come through but that balance is always well maintained. I like it.

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