Fortaleza Blanco Tequila

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Fortaleza Blanco Tequila
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Fortaleza Blanco is made by the fifth generation of the Sauza family. Made using traditional methods, this is exceptional with notes of black pepper, earth and butter.



  • Vanilla Vanilla
  • Earth Earth
  • Black Pepper Black Pepper
  • Lime Lime
  • Butter Butter

Fortaleza Blanco Tequila Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Producer's Tasting Notes

    • Aromas of citrus, and rich cooked agave fill your nose in this unique and very special blanco Tequila. Also present: butter, olive, earth, black pepper, and a deep inviting vegetal complexity.

      Flavours include citrus, cooked agave, vanilla, basil, olive, and lime. The finish is long and deep, complex yet easy to drink.

      Fortaleza Blanco is a true aficionado’s Tequila.

6 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    12 April 2018

    I randomly bought Fortaleza Blanco based off a couple of internet reviews a few months ago while standing in front of the bottle at the liquor store, I'd never seen or at least never noticed Fortaleza before then. I've tried numerous tequilas since I finished that first Fortaleza bottle. Nothing beats it. You can taste the blue agave & the volcanic soil they grow in. Fortaleza Blanco is the best tequila I've ever had. I prefer it over its other delicious brethren, the reposado & a?ejo. The blanco is tequila at its purest.

  • 5
    24 January 2018

    Saw this tequila on Rick stein Mexico program & just had to try it. Not really a tequila drinker but was very impressed with the taste. Well worth the money.

  • 5
    21 January 2018

    The Bible says that Jesus turned water into wine. Well, if he turned water into tequila, this is what it would taste like. This is a tequila FOR TEQUILA DRINKERS. This is super smooth, with lots of agave flavor, and super peppery with a LOOONNNG finish. I've tried many blanco tequilas and this is the best I've had at any price. If you love tequila and you're always looking for that next one to try, you gotta get this one at least once. Yes it's a little expensive but it is NOT overpriced, and is in fact a bargain for the quality you're getting. A

  • 5
    15 January 2018

    Best blanco tequila I've ever tried. Like Don Julio except smoother, more agave flavor, more peppery...excellent. Not the best tequila to make cocktails with, but for shots/sipping this is about as good as tequila gets. If you're a tequila drinker and you've never had this, you gotta give it a go.

  • 5
    31 December 2017

    Absolutely delicious. Fantastic flavours.

  • 5
    9 April 2017

    Been looking for years for a very smooth Taquila , got my first taste at San Diego baseball game . Now I'm hooked and got my family hooked on it also .