Kleiner Feigling Original Liqueur

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Kleiner Feigling Original Liqueur
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A unique vodka-based fig liqueur, Kleiner Feigling is unlike anything you will have tried before. Hugely popular in Germany and likely to raise eyebrows at parties.

Kleiner Feigling Original Liqueur Reviews

13 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    24 October 2016

    Excellent smooth taste Five stars.

  • 4
    20 December 2015

    Love this! Such a unique flavor. Definitely sneaks up on you!!!

  • 5
    29 November 2015

    Love it. I prefer on ice. Nothing like a fig for me. More tropical tasting. Sneaks up on you.

  • 5
    27 January 2015

    Absolutely love it, only ever seen it in one place in the UK; ''The Vicarage Hotel'' in Cranage, Cheshire. Full of friendly staff and a delightful English menu. I was served this liquor by a gentleman called James who was very knowledgeable and attended to our every need. I would recommend a visit to ''The Vicarage Hotel'' to anyone wanting a peaceful escape to a traditional, newly refurbished hotel in the heart of cheshire.

  • The Master 14 May 2012

    top drink,i want some here

  • Annon 25 October 2011

    I love this drink have been drinking it for over 10 yrs now but always had to wait till either visited Germany or German friends visited uk. Now I find this site I am so happy

  • Anonymous 6 September 2011

    i love this stuff, its a guarded secret how one of the guys i do a local festival with acquires it just for the lads that do the rushbearing! its a fantastic drink, no mixing necessary!

  • TWE Admin 17 May 2011

    Yup - it's the middle of May and we've just got some more stock.

  • Anonymous 11 May 2011

    Heard they where getting some for the middle of May, is there anymore news?

  • Anonymous 7 March 2011

    Please get more in quickly! I don't have much left!

  • Anonymous 19 December 2010

    Amazing,love the miniature ones they do too, should definitely try it!

  • Anonymous 26 July 2010

    Delicious, tried it in Germany and loved it, no idea why its so hard to come by in the uk.

  • Anonymous 12 October 2007

    Superb! Should be made easier to come by in this country. Warmly recommended!