Pisang Ambon Liqueur

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Pisang Ambon Liqueur
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Made in the Netherlands by the famous liqueur specialists Bols, this is a popular bright green banana liqueur flavoured with a variety of herbs.

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  • 5
    20 September

    product is delicious and arrived very quickly.wished was available in USA,because people don't know what they're missing!

  • 5
    15 September

    Pure reminiscence

  • 5
    8 October 2016

    I tried this in a drink in Bonaire the Dutch Caribbean. It was the best drink I ever had!! Pisang, malibu, midori, and pineapple juice!

  • 5
    10 October 2014

    Pisang and OJ, fist tried in 1985 whilst living in Europe and still drinking it all these years later. Not so keen to share it though as so hard to come by!!!

  • 5
    8 October 2014

    The first time I had this lucious drink mixed with a some orange juice, I thought it was bubblegum!!! I was living in Belgium at the time and was returning back to the US and have always craved this drink...ONOLICIOUS!!

  • Sao, March 3- 2014 3 March 2014

    well, I love Pisang, its an awesome liquor and unfortunately I cannot get it here in Montreal, so what a bummer...!! I do drink it with orange juice, so the bottle that I still have I sure cherish it

  • Anonymous 18 July 2012

    Love it, had it about 6-7 years ago in spain, and luckily we have a wine merchant here that will order it for you., excellent..!! Mandy - Swindon 18 July '12

  • Mark - California 5 July 2012

    This is thee best drink. We drank it in Holland. Now we're back in the U.S. and every bottle is precious. Celebrated our anniversary with it. It would be such a hit if more people knew about it. Everyone who tastes it, loves it.

  • Anonymous 23 June 2012

    I had this in a mixed drink at the Sea Palace, it was the best drink I've ever had, it was Gin, Lychee liquor, Pisang Ambon and Orange Juice

  • Anonymous 2 May 2012

    Love this drink. Pisang. Malibu lemon and pineapple juice over ice with a cherry. Stunning. Thanks speedy for the recipe.

  • Peter, Singapore 30 August 2011

    This is my all time favourite and I can't believe Bols still does not market it outside Europe. Most people have it with 1/3 Pisang, 2/3 orange juice but I think it taste better with lemon juice instead.

  • ken 26 March 2011

    had this first in fuerteventura back in 92 very hard to find in the uki know harrods used to sell it (they still might) and a wine merchants in manchester (now shut down)pisang ambonapricot brandygin fresh lemon juicesugar to take the bitterness away shake in a cocktail shakerand pour over ice long drink

  • Anonymous 13 February 2011

    does anyone mix this with only milk?

  • Anonymous 15 January 2011

    This brings back memories! I first discovered this drink when I was at college, about 25 years ago!! Loved it back then, and think I might treat myself to a bottle now. Haven't seen it sold in pubs anywhere for years!

  • Ray ,Essex 18 November 2010

    In UK it's impossible to find this drink from the store which is quite strange that people don't know about this drink.I like it mixed with orange juice, nice drink to relax and enjoy the evening with friends.Better then any other 20% drink.

  • Natasha, Bristol 9 October 2010

    Delicious and dangerously easy to drink! So happy I can buy it online - much cheaper than trips to Holland!

  • Nick, Cheltenham 18 April 2010

    the base of my own personal cocktail. Add a shot of taboo, shot tequila, half a shot of vodka, shake with ice and lemonade. Heaven

  • SALLY - BEDFORD 29 March 2010


  • Anonymous 5 January 2010

    It's a very nice drink, but don't abuse... I did abuse on it, now I can't stand the smell!

  • robin nottingham 1 December 2009

    tried this about 8 years ago while in holland. . . So so so so so so nice. .