Unicum Liqueur

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Unicum Liqueur
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One of Hungary's national drinks - Zwack - a dark and bitter liqueur full of herbs and spices, perfect to sip chilled after a long dinner or as an aperitif to awake the appetite.


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  • 5
    22 April


  • 5
    12 January

    The Best!

  • 5
    4 December 2018

    I take it with Turkish coffee and recommend it strongly. Enjoy it

  • 5
    14 November 2018

    Absolutely love this stuff... my wife is from Hungary, and she turned me onto it. Much better than the Next or Plum alternatives. To me it's not sweet or bitter, but very herbal. The Hungarians traditionally drink it before a heavy meal to lessen the "insult" of what's about to come. It's also a good cure for a sour stomach (which I didn't believe at first, but it actually works). So glad that The Whisky Exchange carries this, as it's impossible to find in the U.S. We found the bottles expertly packed to prevent any damage during shipping (really nice to see the extra care taken in order to ship).

  • 5
    28 October 2018

    Unicum is a fantastic drink. I first tasted Unicum in 1989 and every time I visit Budapest I purchase a bottle. Peter Zwack died a few years ago – a very interesting guy – and kept the secret of the herbs used in the manufacture of Unicum. I am not a lover of Unicum next or the plum version. It should be drunk cold, not warm. Enjoy one of Hungary’s famous drinks.

  • 5
    4 September 2018

    A herb liqueur that tastes like heaven, and a fast cure for a stomach pain.

  • 5
    10 August 2018

    Fell in love with Unicum during a Hungarian trip. There it is used for many different digestive issues - to soothe the system. Stomach upset - its the best!

  • 5
    12 February 2018

    I know the product for many years. Very good. Very tasty.

  • 5
    30 November 2017

    Nice flavor, full of spices

  • 5
    2 October 2017

    This stuff is legendary in our circle of friends. We brought a bottle back from Sicily for no other reason than the name (snigger, guffaw etc etc). It tastes so bad we would give it to people just to watch their faces. On one group camping holiday we lined up all our kids and gave them a teaspoon each. Hilarious. I'm actually curious to try it again having read the comments below, but sadly (?) it's all been drunk now.

  • 5
    2 September 2016

    SUPER and extremely perfect product.

  • 5
    30 July 2016

    Incredible when it's the original recipe!

  • 5
    29 October 2015

    I''d hate to be without it!

  • 5
    7 May 2015


  • Desmond le lewis 12 July 2011

    I think that this stuff would go down a treat for a youngster's night out on the toon!

  • Anonymous 18 April 2011

    There is only one thing better than unicum in Hungary - Gabbo

  • attila 27 March 2011

    nagyon fasza ital ez :)

  • Mort, G2JL 31 January 2011

    As a lover of Green Chartreuse, Stroh, and Krepkaya, I heartily recommend it. Not for the bland palate, however. This should be piped to one's house, like water

  • SusieQ3 8 November 2010

    My neighbour gave me this to try as I had a tummy upset. It works!!! An aquired taste but I like it. I think it is a herb called Gentian that gives it the bitter taste but if you can get used to that it is a warming concoction that is definately good for the tummy! Watch the alcohol content though!!!!!!!

  • magyar kurva:P lol 26 September 2010

    absolutley love this stuff but people should try palinka:D thats another fantastic hungarian drink

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