Tullibardine Sovereign Sample
Bourbon Cask

3cl / 43%
  • Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • The Perfect Measure
Tullibardine Sovereign Sample / Bourbon Cask
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Sovereign is Tullibardine's bourbon-cask-aged expression. Rich and spicy with lots of vanilla flavour.
The Perfect Measure
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This is a 3cl sample from the original bottling of:

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Tullibardine Sovereign Bourbon Cask


Tullibardine Sovereign Reviews

6 Customer Reviews

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  • 2
    3 March

    This whisky has great potential but my view is that they've bottled it far too young. The nose I found quite pleasant but mouthfeel is watery and thin. You get quite a vanilla hit but it's disappointingly short-lived. I'd be interested to see if an independent bottler gets hold of a cask of this and matures it for a bit longer than this one has been as I do think this whisky has potential, but this one isn't for me.

  • 4
    4 February

    I gave my husband Tullibardine Sovereign for his birthday. His verdict, best whisky he has ever had.

  • 1
    16 September 2017

    I have a large whisky collection from all regions. Never had Tullibardine before. I bought thee 20 YO and they gave me this as a gift. I havent opened 20YO yet but this NAS expression smells and tastes of aniseed balls, iodine and solvent. One of the worst whiskies ever tasted. Avoid.

  • 5
    11 May 2016

    Light on the tongue - smooth - like it "neat"

  • 3
    16 December 2014

    No age statement, watery in colour. I''m generally a fan of Islay malts so my palette may be too beaten down for a something this subtle. However, it''s easily drinkable, if unremarkable, tastes more like an Irish blend. The price is slightly unwarranted given the lack of complexity. It''s a good next step for a beginner though and it is nice to have something a little less trodden in the cupboard!

  • Beardy 5 June 2014

    Had too many sherry malts in the cupboard so saw this and dived in not knowing anything about it. I'm relatively new to single malts but based on others i have, I think it's another that's a bit young for my tastes. No age statement and not much to find on the web but a bit like Penderyn, it seems like something with lots of potential but not quite ready. The packaging looks nice but the loose lid makes it easy to drop. Only some nifty footwork skills saved it. Still got it.