Amrut Cask Strength Sample

3cl / 61.8%
  • Indian Single Malt Whisky
  • The Perfect Measure
Amrut Cask Strength Sample
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A big and powerful single malt from India released at punchy 61.8%. From Amrut distillery in Bangalore, this combines fruity and spicy flavours.
The Perfect Measure

This is a 3cl sample from the original bottling of:

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Amrut Cask Strength


Amrut Cask Strength Reviews

5 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    9 February

    Incredible Malt, so much value here! Enjoy with a drop of water, and it opens up beautifully. Will always keep a bottle on the shelf I think!

  • 5
    8 November 2017

    Very good whisky at very affordable price. Strong and best with a little water. Amrut Fusion is also good.

  • 5
    4 February 2017

    I first came across Amrut cask strength while I was in Kaza, Himachal Pradesh. I was given a glass by a Sikh gentleman and when I got home, I had to buy a bottle to see if it was a s good as I remembered. It is. I have to agree with Anh who says that a small amount of water does increase the flavour and enjoyment of this whisky.

  • 5
    10 July 2014

    Outstanding and very strong, not for the faint hearted but gonna buy more of this beauty!

  • Anh 13 February 2012

    This Indian whisky packs a punch in terms of pure alcohol strength - almost too strong neat. Needs to be drank with a bit of respect. A splash of water and this becomes much more enjoyable. The flavour is spicy, yet round to start and ends on a light sweet note. Been enjoying it over the winter months as a treat (and fortification) before leaving the office.