Hepple Gin Sample

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Hepple Gin Sample
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An innovative gin from four industry experts, each of the botanicals used to make Hepple is treated separately to get the most flavour. Intense and vibrant with lots of juniper and citrus notes.
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This is a 3cl sample from the original bottling of:

Product name

Hepple Gin 70cl



  • Liquorice root Liquorice root
  • Apple Apple
  • Grapefruit Grapefruit
  • Melon Melon
  • Blackcurrant Blackcurrant

Hepple Gin 70cl Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Tasting Notes by The Whisky Exchange

    Nose: An explosion of grapefruit, apple and juniper spice. Pine and fir notes develop.

    Palate: Citrus leads but softens into sweet and juicy melon.

    Finish: Extremely long, with juniper spice and fragrant sandalwood.

  • Tasting Notes by Dawn Davies MW

    Hepple Gin is a project between Valentine Warner, Nick Strangeway, Cairbry Hill, Walter Riddell and master distiller Chris Garden.  They wanted to go beyond traditional gin making by using three different extraction processes for their botanicals. 

    First they distil the base spirits with botanicals; the more delicate ones are vacuum distilled.  The third process uses super-critical carbon dioxide to extract juniper flavours.  

    The result is a very vibrant, intense gin with pure citrus and juniper flavours layered on top of each other. 

18 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    5 December 2017

    First tried at an event in London. Delightful flavor! Will be a staple for us on this side of the pond!

  • 5
    4 November 2017

    LOVE Hepple Gin! First tasted it at a hotel in Alnwick and it's now become part of my staple diet! Must account for at least one of my five a day...right?

  • 5
    3 October 2017

    Close your eyes and you are convinced to be on the "Schwäbische Alb" . Great!

  • 4
    21 August 2017

    Absolutely delicious; very refreshing and with a distinctive taste.

  • 5
    1 August 2017

    What a gin........ love it

  • 5
    26 July 2017

    Clean, fresh taste! A truly great gin from Northumberland that I would highly recommend.

  • 5
    4 July 2017

    soft, intense but still delicate

  • 5
    29 May 2017

    Simply delicious. I have taken this marvellous gin to Rio de Janeiro where it has gone down a treat.

  • 5
    4 April 2017

    Outstanding taste from the Northumbrian hills. A gin for giants.

  • 3
    21 February 2017

    Overrated gin with good marketing.

  • 5
    13 February 2017

    An amazing gin !!!!!!!!

  • 5
    9 September 2016

    This is amazing tasting gin, superb.

  • 5
    6 August 2016

    Really wonderful!

  • 5
    31 July 2016

    Really the best there is on the market today, particularly for martinis

  • 5
    31 May 2016

    Basically the best tasting juniper heavy gin you can get your mits on. Blows so many new artisanal gins out of the water. The underlying warmth from the traditional elements and the more unusual local herbs such as the bog myrtle is long lasting and intense.

  • 5
    13 May 2016

    Just moved home to Northumberland from London. I'd always thought of London as the home of gin ........ this has blown every other gin I've ever tried out of the water. Simply amazing with some fever tree tonic and a bay leaf ......... but even better as a sipping gin. Only snag is the morning after!

  • 5
    11 March 2016

    Clean, fresh, a taste of Northumbrian hills. Excellent gin.

  • 5
    26 January 2016

    its fabulous!