Smith & Cross Rum Sample

3cl / 57%
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Smith & Cross Rum Sample
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A blend of heavy- and medium-bodied rums from Jamaica, this is bottled at navy strength. Rich and intensely flavoured, this works well as a sipper as well as in cocktails.
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This is a 3cl sample from the original bottling of:

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Smith & Cross Rum


Smith & Cross Rum Reviews

8 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    28 March 2016

    Your first sip of this rum with make you say "Wow!" This is a classical style rum fermented using ambient yeast, and distilled using real pot stills. The ambient yeast gives it a hint of a tangy flavor, that's a little like sourdough bread. This is how all rum was made before they started using test tube grown yeast in modern times. The pot still makes sure that all the flavors of molasses and sugar cane survive the distillation process. If you want to know what the finest rum tasted like in the 1600s, this is it!

  • 5
    27 November 2015

    This offering is very,very good - Jamaican. The nose is so fragrant that is fills the house with "Rum". And, it is a sipper, as you like - a bit of water or neat. Actually a crime to mix such a delicious undoctored rum. Not '''sugared!

  • 5
    5 September 2015

    Amazing full bodied rum! As an Ardbeg 10 lover I was amazed with the full spectrum of flavored this rum had to offer. Tastes like ripe bananas, bit of orange peel and lots more. Warm and medium finish. Compared to scotch!

  • 5
    3 October 2014

    Not simply one of the best rums I have tasted -- one of the best spirits I have ever tasted. Unbelievably potent and delicious.

  • ian B. 3 December 2013

    Wonderful stuff. Not fiery just warming. Complex and delicious with a finish that goes on for ages. My wife also likes it which is a nuisance. Highly recommended.

  • David, Austin, June 28, 2013 29 June 2013

    As was mentioned in an earlier review, rum is the perfection plan B for SMSW. Smith & Cross is a very balanced spirit. Fruity and sweet on the nose yet a more mature composed taste. In addition it's is very reasonably priced and in my opinion a better option than many of the bigger brands high end rums.

  • Matt, London 25 February 2012

    I've been looking for an alternative to whisky for a change and discovered this. Have tried a few aged rums but have found them too sweet and not enough ABV... this Smith & Cross Jamaican rum at 57% ABV pulls no punches but is well balanced with floral, orange and licorice notes... if you like your cask strength SMSW then give this 'Navy Strength' chappy a try... it's good stuff..

  • Joel 31 December 2011

    A tadd new-makish on the nose, but overall damn drinkable. Easy to forget it is 100 proof. Don't mix it -- if you do you're a girl.