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  • Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
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Smokehead is a popular single Islay malt from Ian Macleod distillers. Debate has raged over the identity of the distillery which supplies the whisky for Smokehead. We know, but we're not telling.

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  • 5
    10 March

    Big hit on the palate initially which is fab. Lots if smokiness wirh a burn. Leaves a nice briney after taste at the back of your mouth. I really like this whisky

  • 5
    23 January

    Nose reminds me of burnt embers from a bonfire and the taste of smoky bacon. A shot of this and a packet of Frazzles and your night's a good un!

  • 5
    13 December 2017

    Personally, i loved it more than Laphroaigs quarter cask or even the 10yr. Id say its less smoky than lavagulin but i love how smooth this stuff is, and for the price... Its my new favorite

  • 3
    10 December 2017

    Not too bad for the price very smokey taste almost like the smell of smoke from a bonfire it’s a bit strong compared to others I have but very nice all the same and that embossed skull on the tin is amazing

  • 5
    15 November 2017

    Similar to lagavulin excellent

  • 4
    13 November 2017

    I got this as a birthday present, and was impressed with its flavor. Very much enjoyed it, even more so because it's not something I would have bought myself. The smokiness and peat are very present, definitely an Islay. It might could benefit from growing up a bit more. It has the smoothness of a precocious younger expression, but there really is not substitute for aging all the way. However, for the price, it's definitely a bargain buy, and well worth it.

  • 5
    31 October 2017


  • 4
    28 August 2017

    It boasts strong peaty and smokey. Not as smokey or peaty or as strong as a Laphroaig Quarter cask. But as flavour goes, strong with a smooth finish, the toffee and sherry notes stand out nicely. Worth a buy, pairs excellent with a cigar or even 70% or higher dark chocolate.

  • 5
    22 May 2017

    Extremely well balanced. Awesome for the price. Love it.

  • 5
    26 February 2017

    Tried it in the Bacchus bar in Newcastle last night. Suits my palate perfectly. Will go out and buy a bottle. I wasn't aware at first it was from Islay but makes sense now as Bowmore and Ardbeg are already my favourite malts.

  • 5
    11 January 2017

    Very fine different for my old palate after years of whiskey drinking

  • 5
    19 December 2016

    It's amazing flavours especially the smoked aroma and the perfect taste makes for an excellent drink

  • 5
    25 November 2016

    So smokey and smooth. Brilliant to have as a different whiskey on the shelf at home and great with strong flavoured food.

  • 5
    26 August 2016

    WOW! This is serious malt worth trying but make a wee nip of water is available after the second slap

  • 5
    10 August 2016

    Fabulous. Smokey, smooth, liquid gold ??

  • 5
    28 September 2015

    A very smooth smokey whisky

  • 3
    25 September 2015

    I had been putting this purchase off for some time now as I have my normal ''go to whiskey''s'' that take priority when stock runs low. When this finally arrived I was very eager to try it.! I was slightly confused at first as there was not much in the way of peatiness'', I kept trying and trying but it gave just a mild taste with not much complexity and a very quick finish. My opinion is, this is actual expensive and for just a few quid more you can get a Laphroaig Quarter cask or a bit more than that you can get one of the best, ''Ardbeg 10''. Sorry but I will not be buying this in a rush again.

  • 5
    8 September 2015

    Canny wee smokey,,deffo from Ardbg

  • 4
    22 August 2015

    Sampled this in Jeffrey St Edinburgh, really nice and I was assured it is a 5yr Ardbeg Uigedal but without the sherry

  • 3
    17 August 2015

    Saw this, went out on a whim and got it. So for the price you''re getting what you pay for, it tastes like a watery ardbeg, i guess hence its where its from. rumored to be a 6yr old arbeg and it sure tastes like it Kind of disappointed, i expected more especially its bottled at 43%, but for the price its not too bad an ardbeg 10 costs almost double, so its a fair price. Overall its not too bad or undrinkable. Peaty and smoke style, a lot weaker than the bottling and name suggests, very watery body and medium finish. let me put it this way, For $40 i wouldn''t buy this again. I feel that this is worth $30 topend, I''d take a teachers highland cream for $25 over this

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