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The Perfect Measure

Gintastic Tasting Set

The resurgence of gin shows no signs of stopping, with new, exciting versions appearing all the time. Distillers have a huge palette of botanicals to work with, and this Perfect Measure tasting set is a snapshot of the innovation and creativity in the gin scene, containing barrel-aged, Old Tom, navy-strength and Dry Gins. This set contains: Hepple, Capreolus Garden Tiger, Jensen's Old Tom, Tarquin's Navy Strength and FEW Barrel.
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Gintastic Tasting Set Tasting notes

  • Hepple Gin Sample





    ABV 45 %

    Product of England

    Nose: An explosion of grapefruit, apple and juniper spice. Pine and fir notes develop.

    Palate: Citrus leads but softens into sweet and juicy melon.

    Finish: Extremely long, with juniper spice and fragrant sandalwood.

  • Capreolus Garden Tiger Dry Gin Sample


    Garden Tiger Dry Gin



    ABV 47 %

    Product of England

    Nose: An expressive nose, with the expected juniper joined by citrus and notes of freshly cut grass.

    Palate: Fruity with complex layers of flavour – zingy orange, spicy clove and juniper.

    Finish: Clean, fruity and long lasting.

  • Jensen's Old Tom Gin Sample


    Old Tom Gin



    ABV 43 %

    Product of England

    Nose: Prominent juniper accompanied by grapefruit, lavender and soft coriander.

    Palate: Concentrated blend of botanical aromas with sage and a natural sweetness.

    Finish: Long and powerful with the citrus, juniper, liquorice and floral notes.

  • Tarquin's Sea Dog Navy Strength Gin Sample


    Sea Dog Navy Strength Gin



    ABV 57 %

    Product of England

    Nose: Juniper spice and tart citrus lead, with spicy cinnamon and soft coriander following.

    Palate: Cinnamon spice dominates to start, fading to earthiness and pine.

    Finish: Pine and spice.

  • FEW Barrel Gin Sample


    Barrel Gin



    ABV 46.5 %

    Product of USA

    Nose: Rich and spicy, with earthy juniper layered on top of sweet citrus peel.

    Palate: Spice leaps out of the glass – crushed juniper, cloves and ginger.

    Finish: Flashes of fruit with soft spice.

Gintastic Tasting Set Reviews

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