Monin Green Apple Syrup

Monin Green Apple shot to fame a few Christmases ago when it was recommended by Nigella Lawson in her Green Apple Martini. Here's the recipe that made this one of our most popular syrups - it's still one of our biggest sellers:

1 shot vodka or gin
1 shot sour apple liqueur
1/2 shot Monin Green Apple syrup
Slice of Granny Smith apple to garnish

1. In a martini glass, combine the vodka/gin over lots of ice, and add the liqueur and syrup.
2. Slice a segment of apple, removing any core. Cut a nick in the bottom of the slice horizontally, and slip it onto the edge of the glass.

Monin Green Apple Syrup Reviews

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  • Cocktail Shaker Boys 8 May 2010

    This is a great product and is the first Monin syrup we started to include in cocktails. The Nigella Green Apple Martini is an absolute gem - a modern classic. We prefer it with gin (as opposed to vodka) as a base.

  • Anonymous 11 March 2008

    Nigella's Green Apple Martinis are lush!

  • Anonymous 7 March 2008

    where are you distributors?