Ballantine's Finest

70cl / 40%
  • Blended Scotch Whisky
Ballantine's Finest
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Blended from more than 50 single malts (with particular emphasis on Miltonduff and Glenburgie) as well as 4 single grain whiskies. Ballantine's Finest is a smooth, satisfyingly modern blend, now picking up serious momentum in overseas markets under owners Chivas Brothers.

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  • 5
    10 April

    Birthday gift . from the wife. This is now my favourite blend and there are some nice Scottish blended whiskey out there and I have tried most. This has great character

  • 5
    29 March

    It is the best whisky.. smooth and creamy

  • 5
    8 March

    Superb taste, smooth

  • 4
    5 March

    A very good blended. Treat it as a single malt, just a few drops of water. Nothing could be better for the price as a blended.

  • 4
    31 December 2016

    Great for when you're coming home from a day of hard work. Great value for money!

  • 5
    30 December 2016

    Best whiskey i've ever had, it has it's own blend that i really like, 50/50 with cranberry juice and i'm in heaven. Other whiskeys have disgusting taste or no taste at all, but this one is just omg, amazing.

  • 1
    27 December 2016

    The after-taste is overwhelming, and not in a positive fashion. If you enjoy single-malt, stay away from this blend. The after-taste is so pervasive even in cocktails. I gave it away... However, some might like this after-taste...

  • 4
    18 December 2016

    Sweet, smooth, very enjoyable without being very interesting

  • 5
    1 December 2016

    Lovely taste at room temp no ice just as it is! Great value for money without a doubt!

  • 3
    11 November 2016

    Nice rich taste, pleasant none the less and with an after taste that can add up. Very good quality/price ratio! My third choice scotch.

  • 5
    10 October 2016

    It's a great scotch whisky normally I prefer singl malt but one of my friend suggested me about Ballantine's so I tested it was excellent I love that test.....

  • 3
    30 September 2016

    As cheap blends go, I prefer Whyte & Mackay, but this will do in an emergency, and indeed is pretty much all you can find behind the former iron curtain. Strictly for mixing, though.

  • 2
    21 September 2016

    Just for mixing with soda

  • 5
    15 August 2016

    Was travelling in plane by Emirates. They were having only one whisky that was ballantines. I had it on rocks. It was sweet and smooth true to scotch whisky reputation. It has already occupied bars across the globe. Can become world's largest selling scotch whisky at this price point. Great whiskey indeed.

  • 5
    15 August 2016

    Ballantines is better than jameson, bushmills and Bowmore on price point even though all r sweet and delicious to drink neat.

  • 5
    8 August 2016

    Ballantines is best amongst Lagavulin, Aberlour, ancnoc, Ardbeg, belvenie, old pultney, Tomatin, Highland Park, hibiki and blue label.

  • 4
    6 August 2016

    Was given this as a gift when hosting a dinner. I'm usually a Johnny Black man when it comes to blended Scotch. Not any more. For half the price, dare I say for more quality? To my tastes, yes! A couple cubes and a slash of water is how I enjoy this pleasant elixir.

  • 4
    16 June 2016

    Found this on sale. Seeing as how my usual Grants and Famous Grouse weren't on sale, I went for it. I found it to be better than I expected. A bit lighter than the aforementioned blends, but still very good for the money. And, as I have read elsewhere, the plastic pour spout is indeed a fault. Spare yourselves hassle by immediately removing it from the cap when you first open the bottle and throwing it away. Just pour carefully.

  • 4
    16 April 2016

    Nice smooth whisky would like a bit more bite but very good value

  • 5
    10 March 2016

    I became aware of Ballantine's finest bitter-sweet. A very dear friend of my family passed away at 90 shortly after I arrived from out of town. Shortly after passing (and knowing he enjoyed a glass of scotch at night) I asked the members at his house if they would toast to our friend with me? After agreeing to do so I went and gathered shot glasses for us and I looked in his selection whiskey. I'm not sure why, but his 1.75 ltr bottle of Ballantine's was right there in front and I was drawn to it. After toasting to our friend, I had to comment on the quality of this blended scotch. I have been a die hard single malt scotch guy for many years and have never found a blended version to even come close to the singles I drink. I am a huge fan of Ballantine's now and it has taken front and center to my liquor cabinet now. Awesome quality if you want my opinion!

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