Black Bottle

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  • Blended Scotch Whisky
Black Bottle
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A bottle of the 2013 relaunched Black Bottle. Owners Burn Stewart have decided to return the brand to its original 1879 roots, including the black glass that gave the blend its name. With less of a focus on Islay, there is less peatiness than hitherto, with the smoky flavours being balanced with increased fruitiness and elegance.

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Tasting Notes

  • Tasting Notes by Billy A

    Nose: Freshly cut oak and caramel. Hint of something medicinal at the back, but with heavy brown sugar notes swamping it. Hints of nail varnish touches and polished oak.

    Palate: Milk chocolate, ginger, lots of woody spice, brown sugar, sour apple hints, golden syrup behind.

    Finger: Lingering syrup with touches of cinnamon and freshly sawn oak

    Comment: Very focused on Golden Syrup sweetness, with that richness backed up by lots of woody notes. Very different to the previous edition, with no real smoke, but packed full of sweet and rich flavour.

  • Producer's Note

    Nose : Fresh and floral with freshly sawn oak aromas. Spicy with hints of smoke.

    Palate : Silky, mellow and fruity with balanced smoky / peaty flavours then sweet oak and heather honey.

    Finish: Soft, elegantly spicy, nutmeg, pepper and a gentle lingering smokiness.

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  • 4
    28 November 2017

    A nice gentle blend with a rich golden colour, light peat and background sweetness. First reaction was not a wow, but a very enjoyable sipping whisky and exceptional value.

  • 4
    24 November 2017

    After giving it a bit of time, and especially with an ice cube or a bit of water, I really began to enjoy this whisky. A simple but tasty dram - especially on a cold rainy night.

  • 5
    15 November 2017

    The black bottle was given to us to try at a dinner party and my partner thought it was very smooth and had a great taste.

  • 5
    3 November 2017

    Very good smell and taste. Smooth, I will buy more.

  • 5
    21 October 2017

    Have been encouraged by a family member to drink single malts (with and without age expressions) for the last 2 years and while that experience has been an eye-opener and wonderful (though costly) experience there is greater value in looking at the internet and indeed reviewing some of the many books relating to Scoth Whisky. The "Handbook of Whisky" by Dave Broom (ISBN0753708221) page 95 provides a fair assessment of Black Bottle, albeit the dram I am drinking is not the 10 YO. However, it is without a doubt one of the better blended Whisky drams I have tasted for a long time, and beats "hands down" the more traditional blends often seen on supermarket shelves. If indeed this blended Black Bottle has elements of the seven Islay malts under its screw-top then it pack a punch almost as close to an Islay malt. A brand to watch!

  • 1
    23 September 2017

    Poor, don't know why a company would replace an excellent product with a totally inferior. Why not have both on sale giving this whisky a different name? Very perfumey taste from it even the bottle design is a disaster where you cant' see how much is left not to mention the uninspiring shape.

  • 5
    14 September 2017

    A great whisky very understated my drink of choice a double over ice what a delight.

  • 4
    13 July 2017

    After drinking the old blend for several years, I stopped buying Black Bottle after 2013 rebranding,I just thought I wouldn't like it anymore,I was wrong.Having bought a bottle recently I have been surprised at just how good the new blend is.It is light fresh and easy to drink,I will certainly be buying more in the future.

  • 4
    23 June 2017

    A thoroughly enjoyable mouthful of flavour. Makes your mouth water for another sip every time.

  • 5
    9 June 2017

    An additional comment from my previous response. I call it a "beer" scotch. It goes great as a beer chaser because it has the body and maltines that goes so well with a bitter. It has a special role to play, and deserves to be right along side my single malts.

  • 5
    16 May 2017

    I can't say enough about this whisky! Its smooth, its tasty, it has a mild sweetness to it, its very drinkable strait. Highly recommend it.

  • 5
    10 May 2017

    I don't have much to add to the other thorough commentary. But one thing I have to say is that I disagree with those who do not detect the smokiness. In aroma, I did not detect it but caught it on its first roll in my mouth. On the second roll it dissipated and then on the moment of swallow it was significant. The aftertaste was too sweet to be smokey. Smokiness 2/5

  • 3
    11 April 2017

    This is a great value for the money. It is one of the best blends around. Perhaps my palate is different than others but I got absolutely no smoke whatsoever, which is fine for a blend at this price. The flavours that jump out at me are milk chocolate, caramel and salted almonds. A lovely after dinner dram on a weeknight.

  • 5
    14 February 2017

    Really enjoyed it. Smooth and very moreish. The only problem is you can't see how much you have had.

  • 4
    19 December 2016

    Love it but cannot seem to find

  • 4
    16 December 2016

    This blend does not come close to the beauty of its predecessor. I'm not surprised you hide it in a bottle that looks as if you are ashamed of it - it's invisible! To keep the name alive I have an old style bottle that I use to collect 5ps - ?45.00 worth!

  • 5
    4 October 2016

    Tried this blend at the 2016 show ! was shocked how its priced this tasted as nice as some whiskies at ten times the price ! real easy to drink dram !

  • 4
    24 May 2016

    This is much better than the last version that became infiltrated with low quality young Islays in its latter years. This version is one of the best well balanced budget blends on the market. A delightful blend that you must try.

  • 4
    28 March 2016

    For such a low price this is a great blend

  • 4
    19 March 2016

    Very smooth to drink for a blend ! I am scottish so tend to buy a lot of bottles of whisky lol For people who like this try johnnie walker double black I was very surprised at how smooth and easy to drink it was

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