Appleton Estate VX Rum

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Appleton Estate VX Rum
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The universally-lauded flagship brand for Appleton Estate, this is an exceptional blend of several rums of varying types between five and ten years old.

Appleton Estate VX Rum Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Tasting Notes by Stuart P

    Nose: Wow – sit up straight and pay attention. Big, rasping aromas of wood, spice and sugar come crashing in.

    Palate: No let-up, with enveloping flavours of toasty spices and big-hearted toasty oak, this is determined to make a statement.

    Finish: Gentler than expected: sweet spice and nicely integrated oak.

22 Customer Reviews

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  • 4
    18 April 2017

    Of course it may not be the best spirit in the world, but for its price range, this is unusually good. I enjoy sipping this rum, no ice or anything else, just straight. Great flavour.

  • 4
    8 July 2016

    Smooth finish

  • 5
    30 May 2015

    avvid vx consumer...bold, spicy taste. mile high feeling

  • Anonymous 13 March 2014

    After 5 visits to Jamaica I have become addicted to Appletons VX. A simply sublime rum which just slips down your throat and tingles your palette with flavours of the Caribbean. Could easily become an alcoholic on that stuff.

  • Ken 5 May 2013

    Sampled the reserve in country brought a bottle of it back. Its a good sipping rum no mixers no ice no water. Straight up, it rocks!

  • The Colonel 30 March 2013

    A good quality mixing rum that can be sipped but I would rather leave the sipping to the sublime Appleton Estate 12yr.

  • Brian 23 December 2012

    My neighbor brought me a bottle home from Jamaica and I was completely blown away. This stuff is incredible!! And that's coming from a Kentucky boy. We know a thing or two about whiskey and bourbon.

  • Anonymous 7 December 2012

    got a taste for this rum while on holiday in jamaica. before trying this rum, i usually drank ovd but appleton is much smoother to drink and warm. back home now and can't seem to find it locally

  • Anonymous 4 December 2012

    amazing flavour best yet I shall try to purchase in uk hoping the quality will be as good

  • Anonymous 16 September 2012

    Very nice! Going down a treat this.....will try the 12 year old next and then the 8. Was a toss up between this and some more Bacardi Gold.... Made the right choice ;)

  • Grant Melville, Falkirk 13 August 2012

    I have now tasted this fine spirit, and I can testify to its excellence. Smooth and rich, everything rum should be.

  • Lee Bagnall 7 June 2012

    One of the finest drinks I've ever had. A mate brought me some back from a cruise and I loved it, so much so I bought a bottle. Can't wait to try the 12 year old stuff. Fantastic with Pepsi and even better neat. Love it!

  • Grant Melville, Falkirk 10 March 2012

    I've never tasted it myself, but it's exceedingly popular with my Jamaican friends, which is perhaps a certification of its authenticity.

  • Mark, Bristol. 4 June 2011

    Fantastic! This along with Chairmans Reserve are the best sipping rums for under £20 without a doubt. Smooth, complex and doesn't have a huge sweetness like other rums mentioned here.

  • mr p n ash 13 March 2011

    i have tried various rums but the 2 that i love well sorry no im telling fibs i love all of the havana club blends there nice and 7 yo is smooth n smells like an aged sherry or maderia but appletons vx its very smooth and fruity either on its own or mixed if you love a warm rich fruity drink with a nice gentle kick buy this it rocks

  • Pilansberg Pete 31 October 2010

    If you think this tastes weak stick to "Navy" Rums.Try it with plenty of ice and a splash of water...excellent.

  • Anonymous 7 May 2010

    This tasted extremely weak and would not purchase again!

  • Anonymous 10 November 2009

    Good quality rum, but a little light on flavour. Have to spend a bit more money for an aged rum I think. Great Mixer in cocktails though.

  • Hugo 3 September 2009

    i had not drink this but now i go to matusalem i want to save money

  • L 22 January 2009

    save the cash, get a matusalem gran reserva. one glass was enough to know i didn't want a bottle of appleton, i wanted more matusalem.

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