Cacique 500 Extra Anejo Rum

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Cacique 500 Extra Anejo Rum
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A terrific reserve rum from Cacique, one of Spain's most popular brands. Cacique is made in Venezuela by Destilerias Unidas, also the home of Pampero and Diplomatico rums.

Please note that while the bottles are sealed, the paper seals are damaged.

Cacique 500 Extra Anejo Rum Reviews

15 Customer Reviews

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  • 4
    26 August 2016

    Is a beauty drink, with good taste! u can feel the oak n mature drink

  • 5
    6 July 2016

    As another reviewer I bought it home fom aruba and told my friends to me it's best sipping like a cognac no mixer I'm sure it would be good in a mixed drink but not as appreciated

  • 5
    29 December 2015

    Beautiful, sweet rum - on it's own; with ice; or with cola.

  • Nozza 3 March 2013

    I believe this is the most popular rum in Spain. That's not to say it's not a great rum because it is. It's a sipping quality rum. Smooth & and sweet. There is a coffee-like aroma - not unlike Tia Maria, & matching flavour. With a little ice it's a lovely and interesting drink. It's too good to mix with coke...but worth it if you can afford it because that rich, coffee/toffee flavour turns into something really special. Highly recommended.

  • Keron Roberts, 2 May 2012

    I'm from Trinidad and Tobago and being home the distinguished angostura factory, rum is part of our culture but by far Cacique is the the best tasting rum I've ever consumed.

  • Dave, Richmond VA 16 March 2012

    I just experienced it in Aruba last year and brought a bottle home. The 500 is amazing; I love it as much as a single malt or my finest cognac.

  • Anonymous 31 October 2010

    It is, indeed, a gift from God!

  • steve / cheshire 15 June 2010

    first drank this while in caracas / venezuela 1975/76 .. then found it in spain and tenerife in the 80,s /90,s .. been drinking it for years .. best rum on the market by far

  • Anonymous 6 August 2009

    this rhum is used in EVERY pub in spain to become Cuba It is strongly recommended for home-mixes

  • Anonymous 4 May 2009

    A gift from god himself. Have it on the rocks and enjoy.

  • Anonymous 12 March 2009

    best rum ever and best ingredients ideal with ice only or also for cuba libres

  • Anonymous 12 November 2008

    i spent some time in Venezuela during Chavez's early days, and years later I can still taste the sweet cane-sugar flavor of Cacique on my tongue. This is by far one of my favourite rums, perfectly balanced sweetness and spice. Do not mix with anything other than ice, as mentioned by the third post.

  • Anonymous 24 September 2008

    This is by far the best rum that ihave ever had in my life. It is almost a crime to mix it with anything but ice.

  • Anonymous 21 September 2008

    A mate put me onto this drop in Andorra, spot on! no more needs to be said.

  • Carlos Montes . Oklahoma USA 17 July 2008

    This has to be the best Rum of the World for "Cuba Libre" cocktails. Try it, you will NOT regret it