Captain Morgan Rum

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Captain Morgan Rum
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World-famous dark rum named after Captain Henry Morgan, the famous Welsh swashbuckler who became the governor of Jamaica.


Captain Morgan Rum Reviews

21 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    23 December 2018

    V gooooood

  • 5
    8 March 2018

    Proper dark rum, fantastic.

  • 4
    9 January 2018

    Smooth and good taste

  • 5
    19 June 2017

    Very very very good

  • 5
    24 July 2016

    I liked this Rum 40 % long years

  • 2
    21 February 2016

    Dislike this even with a mixer. Brings up images of drowning in tar

  • Bobby 30 April 2014

    Heavy on molasses but pleasant at the back of it all, certainly more of a mixer than anything else, not in a mojito however. Try it with ginger ale/beer and lime for best results as the mellow-molasses taste can offset lighter ingredients.

  • Jeremy 16 March 2014

    Don't like it straight but it is very good in cola or sprite.

  • Not a stunner, but perfectly serviceable - been craving a tot of rum this evening and the first mouthful of this ticked all the right boxes. 26 January 2013

  • Noz 26 March 2012

    Bog standard rum produced in vast commercial properties. More thasn one distillery apparently creates it. A fine, boutique rum it is not But not all that bad for all that. Giants like Diageo know how to make something appeal to the masses.

  • Alexander 15 February 2012

    I loved it. Especially good if accurately poured over pineapple juice without blending.

  • JW 26 November 2011

    Drunk neat it tastes a rich rum with oak a lot like OVD rum but with more of a burn finish but not as much burn as Lambs navy rum. Its great mixed with cola or on its own If you're more of a single malt drinker then Captain Morgan's dark rum is the rum for you.

  • bigjord 26 May 2011

    Does anyone know where to possibly get Captain Morgan Spiced Gold as i cant seem to find it on here :(

  • josh 4 May 2011

    best rum in the world mix a good amount with coke perfection

  • Red-South Africa 15 June 2010

    The very best rum around especially when accompanied by Coke .

  • stewie ramone 23 February 2010

    nice rum. mix with a dark beer and drink like a sailor.

  • Daniel 29 November 2009

    A very nice rum, very good with schweppes ginger ale.

  • Hugo 3 September 2009

    This Rum is very strong, be careful when you drink it, and is like you can only drink it with Coca Cola, only little rum and much Cola

  • Anonymous 19 May 2009

    I up the welshies!

  • Anonymous 23 April 2007

    You are, of course, correct - with a name like Morgan, he would have to be Welsh, wouldn't he! Schoolboy error, thanks for pointing that out. Cheers, Tim @ SDL

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