Cockspur Rum

70cl / 37.5%
Cockspur Rum
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Cockspur is a hugely popular rum in the Caribbean, where it is widely drunk, particularly on its home island of Barbados.

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    2 May

    Bland, sorry

  • 4
    30 August 2015

    I really enjoyed sipping a neat double measure of this rum. I''ve always seen it behind the bar but never tried it. Nice light fruity mouth. Others have described the swallow as smooth but I find it a harsh after burn. I don''t mind this at all, compared to easy sipping rums, it remind me that I''m drinking something that contains alcohol. I''d get a second.

  • rummaster 19 December 2013

    pound for pound this is one of the best rums on the market. ice coke and lime. enjoy

  • FM 6 July 2013

    Perhaps because of it's slightly lower ABV, this is a very smooth rum. Sips well, good flavour and goes down a little too quickly. I know it gets said a lot but you really can't go wrong with this. Yes, there are better rums but this is excellent value for money. I challenge you not to finish the bottle is short order.

  • Grant Melville, Falkirk 25 June 2012

    A sweet and easy-drinking rum with a pleasant, homely nose and taste; smooth, with a finish that lingers briefly, yet long enough to savour the golden-brown sugary notes. Cockspur 5 Star is the opposite end of the spectrum from taste-bud thumping and throat-burning dark rum like O.V.D. Deliciously relaxing when sipped slowly.

  • Anonymous 24 June 2012

    I haven't been drinking rum for that long, but i have tried quite a few now, and for the price you definitely cant go wrong with this rum.

  • christian 4 November 2011

    well priced rum suited as a mixer, can be enjoyed slowly sipped. Smooth and sweet.

  • D. Jones 7 January 2011

    A decent widely available standard mixing rum that can do no harm. Nice colour, reasonable flavour and no particularly nasty suprises afterwards. I rather like it and so does my wallet.

  • The Doctor 6 December 2008

    Sorry John if thats the best you have ever tasted you need to get out more!!!

  • john kennedy 13 June 2008

    best rum ive ever had, nice sweet twist to it