Havana Club Anejo Blanco Rum

70cl / 37.5%
Havana Club Anejo Blanco Rum
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Still being distilled in Cuba, this delightful white rum is what the islanders use for their Mojitos. And if it's good enough for them...


Havana Club Anejo Blanco Rum Reviews

20 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    9 June

    Really good

  • 5
    13 December 2018

    The best white rum that exists, too bad I can't find anywhere!

  • 4
    6 October 2015

    any time indian special rum n coke

  • Mike 1 April 2014

    This is probably the best white rum in the world - million miles away from Bacardi. Try it with fresh lime juice, ice and cola - you have your Cuba Libre! Excellent.

  • Scott Macleod 24 April 2013

    Havana Club, dash of Coke, ice. Summer sorted.

  • Anonymous 22 February 2013

    Beautiful rum ,people have a different tast but i'll go Havana any time ;-)

  • Allan 26 November 2012

    Havana Club white rum is the BEST rum no doubt. This rum taste soo nice you can taste the sugar cane in it. It gooes really well with pepsi and ice cubes.

  • Joel McKenna 15 July 2012

    Different class to Bacardi. Every Bottle is made in Cuba using traditional methods. Not mass produced all over the world for chavs. It's Lovely and smooth. I prefer the seven year but this is the best white rum on the market! Great as a mixer or on its own with Ice

  • Anonymous 4 October 2011

    Yep, forget Bacardi, this is the "True" cuban white rum still made on the island

  • Daniel 30 June 2011

    Bacardi is a joke and should be ashamed of itself. Havana Club is king

  • dariel 5 December 2010

    anejo blanco es muy bueno

  • Anonymous 27 November 2010

    Havana club is really nice for mojitos :-)

  • Lukas 10 September 2010

    In my opinion Bacardi is better. More distinctive flavour in drinks like Mojito:-)

  • Dave 21 August 2010

    Very good alternative to Bacardi.

  • Heimdall 11 April 2010

    the best mixing rum after havana club 3 years old. Forget other brands when you can get that.

  • Gordon T. 27 January 2010

    Forget Bacardi and go with Havana Club every time

  • L 17 January 2009

    forget bacardi

  • Jennifer 12 October 2008

    Havana clubs white rum is beautiful... especially with cranberry juice

  • linda 7 August 2008

    lovely rum

  • Pete The Beat 24 September 2007

    Havana Club's white rum goes really well with Vanilla Coke and ice.