Santa Teresa 1796 Rum

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Santa Teresa 1796 Rum
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A magnificent Venezuelan rum aged in a solera system, Santa Teresa 1796 has established itself in top bars as one of the best South American rums in the world. A deserving winner of a Gold Medal and 'Best In Category' at the International Cane Spirits Festival 2007.

Santa Teresa 1796 Rum Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Judges' Comments from The International Cane Spirits Festival 2007

    Opens with toffee, brown sugar and vanilla aromas; dark chocolate and maple syrupy on the palate, with a dense richness; finishes with great length, a touch of pepper and developing complexity.

    Award: Gold Medal, Best In Category (Aged Rums 15+ Years Old)

14 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    31 December 2017

    Amazing rum, definitely my favourite. It is a lot dryer than the other rums which makes it perfect neat, on the rocks or in an Old Fashioned (why not add cacao bitters if you are a geek too). I am quite shocked that someone compared it to Captain Morgan or Diplomatico, when you know that Santa Teresa is a Solera blend up to 35 years (Diplomatico is up to 12 years and Zacapa 23 years). I strongly recommend to try this rum with a great taste and history, the distillery was created in 1796 which makes it the oldest of Venezuela. Please let me know your thoughts!

  • 5
    29 December 2017

    A Rum with a Great History and a fantastic Taste

  • 2
    21 December 2017

    Not worth the money, plenty of better rums for less! I found this one not particularly smooth or easy to drink neat as Captain Morgans Private Stock or Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva.

  • Oswaldo Colon 12 October 2013

    As Venezuelan, collector and lover of rum I can confirm that this Rum is Superb! totally exquisite. the name of this rum "1796" comes from the creation of the Santa Teresa Farm which was founded on this year and this Rum is a Tribute to the first methods and flavours created on this farm. The Price/Quality of this one makes is the best rum you will get... on top of this you can go for Diplomatico Ambassador if you are fans of venezuelan sweetness and character.

  • Daniel Michieli 16 March 2013

    as a venezuelan i can say that this is the best rum in the country beating diplomatico and also cacique. santa Teresa in known because of the quality of the rums that they make and this one is pretty good, the second in my list would be Flor de Cana that is from Nicaragua and my third is another venezuelan rum Pampero Aniversario. i recommend you guys to ttaste these rums of course without mixing with any other drink, and you will see God

  • Nozza 23 January 2013

    I've drank a pretty large number of rums now and this is definitely in my top 3. It's incredibly smooth. Rich and complex. Lovely and sweet. Too good and too pricey to mix. I disagree with anothe reviewer that Diplomatico beats it to the ground. They're both lovely.

  • Anonymous 21 December 2010

    quite a few better brands in this price range, not to mention the top of the line Venezuelan rum,Diplomatico Exclusiva,which beats this one to the ground, and is cheaper too.

  • peter gelissen 4 November 2010

    it is over years ago that i drank this rum on a it still pops up in my mind/ memory/brain.....whatever.....hmmmm i am going to get me some....

  • Anonymous 7 August 2010

    As Venezuelan myself, I can confirm that you won't find any better rum than this. After this on, Cacique 500, superb

  • mr walkin 18 February 2010

    smooth great flavour very tasty 9/10

  • Anonymous 21 December 2008

    I lived in Venezuela for a couple of years and this was the best rum by far. Cacique 500 is also very good but not as drinkable neat. Try Cruzan Single Barrel, very smooth and tasty.

  • Anonymous 9 June 2007

    Mmm, this is number one! In an own division! But, the price stops to high consumption... :-) Is there anyone out there who can recommend some other rum for the more regular consumption, in a lower price category, but in the same atmosphere as this one?

  • Anonymous 21 April 2007

    ahem... is the vintage really 1796 or could this be an error...!!!!!!! seriously though this a great rum with a good complex flavour and slightly sweet finish, in typical south american style. thoroughly recommended!

  • Anonymous 19 March 2007

    A bottle was taken to Cheltenham last week and didn't come back to me after I had passed it round. Superbly smooth and very drinkable on its own!