Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum

70cl / 63%
Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum
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The world's top-selling overproof white rum, the legendary Wray's dominates the Jamaican rum scene, accounting for over 90% of all rum sold.


Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum Reviews

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  • 4
    4 April 2016

    Like this a lot- Sipped, it's dry with subtle, tropical fruit interactions . High octane with a gentle burn. Nice oily feel- Wonderful with pure grapefruit juice

  • 5
    23 February 2016

    A Number One Rum!!!

  • Anonymous 11 July 2013

    Good stuff, nuff said.

  • Anonymous 15 December 2012

    This is a favourite of mine, it's not a sipping rum. If you respect this bottle then it can be a very good experience if not then you'll end up with a bad head as previous reviewers can attest, the fact that it says overproof on the bottle should give you a clue to it's strength. I find half a shot added to a cuba libre is more than enough. Smell - Very boozy strong, tropical fruits. Taste - White grapefruit juice, touch of lemon, warm after burn in the throat.

  • MSR 28 November 2012

    This rum is one that needs to be savoured, yes it has a high ABV%, but it this allows this bottle to retain masses of flavour...any self respecting rum drinker worth his/her salt should have this in their collection.

  • Snodgrass 30 April 2012

    I really like this!

  • Anonymous 5 September 2011

    We took it on a football tour, and accidently spilt some on the table, it pulled the varnish up! Good for russian roulette and severe punishments...

  • Jacqui (Rum drinker) 10 August 2011

    its good however Antigua Caverlier 151 rum makes this like drinking lemonade. for real!!!!!!!!

  • Norma-Jean 24 May 2011

    The best rum ever.....Remember my granmother giving some to me when I had bad flu with a fever ..best medicine.... even helps with my severe hayfever that I have (no more pills for me.)its my Friday night treat after a crazy week at work... :):):) may 2011 x

  • Tom 4 May 2011

    Are you all insane? It's NASTY!

  • Anonymous 7 March 2011

    The best rum in the world try it with ice

  • CaPtAiNWiZArDeY 11 February 2011

    that rum is the boomtings specially when mixed with a trailer trash cocktail never mind setting on fire get it poured in that cocktail !!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Doctor 8 January 2011

    If you think this is strong try JB, wow will blow your head off, or use it to strip paint!!!! This rum does lack that smooth after taste!!!

  • muz 7 January 2011

    Love the stuff .

  • Bajan Bohemian 31 December 2010

    You know you are in for a serious night out when this bad boy starts flowing......

  • Anonymous 15 December 2010

    about to try it friday... hope i dont die

  • Le Mack 6 November 2010

    I Love it! I live with it! I drink it, bake with it (Rum Cake hmmm), I use it if I have a cold and it's a great astringent! There are sooo many uses for the Wray that it actually is very good value for money! But its even cheaper in Jamaica! I know, I'm from there!

  • Jeanne 28 July 2010

    My friend could not get rid of her cold,I gave her some of my Wray

  • Big Paul 1 July 2010

    This stuff is great! Good neat taste, full of flavour. Also try a shot if you have a mouth ulcer, it makes them disappear!

  • Louis 19 May 2010

    This drink has spritual healing also rub some thur your hair,on that bad joint,wow what a drink

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