Springbank 15 Year Old

70cl / 46%
  • Campbeltown Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Distillery Bottling
Springbank 15 Year Old
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Customer Rating
Another fine malt for a Havana, Springbank 15yo has an almost bewildering array of flavours: dark chocolate, figs, marzipan, brazil nuts and vanilla are just some of the notes on show. Absolutely top-class.
Distillery Bottling
15 Year Old

Springbank 15 Year Old Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Tasting Notes by TF

    Nose:  Toffee, natural caramel, pepper, vanilla, rich malty notes.  Whiff of woodsmoke, honey / syrup dried fruit.

    Palate:  Very sweet attack, followed with pepper, raisins, nuts. Full-bodied, very silky mouthfeel.

    Finish:  Some lovely vanilla / boiled sweet notes, cocoa, hazelnuts.  Good length.

11 Customer Reviews

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  • 3
    16 September

    It's ok. It tastes a little bit like the cut the whisky a bit to early during distillation. So it's a nice mature whisky, with from a slightly blemished starting product. Whoopsie, better luck next time.

  • 5
    12 September

    I like this whisky! Looking at the tasting notes from TWE I definitely got the sweetness on the palate and the vanilla on the finish. But I also got a minty spiciness on the finish. Different from other whisky, and I like it!

  • Anonymous 1 March 2014

    This is the response I got from Springbank's Ranald Watson regarding the lack of sherry character in the 15yo: The 15yo is always 100% olorosso sherry cask matured. I think the differences over the years have cropped up due to the ratio of fresh/refill casks, which can sometimes lean much further towards refill. However, the stock of whisky we have from 1998 onwards should be much more consistent and you will hopefully see a more obvious sherry influence from recent bottlings onwards.

  • Jason's Scotch Whisky Reviews 4 October 2012

    This is a great malt but I am not picking up the sherry notes. Especially where it is 100% sherry cask aging. My bottle was very peated (in a good way) with plenty of smoke. If I tasted this in a blind tasting I would have guessed this is an Islay. Great malt though!

  • MSC 2 January 2012

    stunning. much more complex and balanced than the 10. dangerous in that once open, I don't want to stop drinking!

  • Tudval 15 December 2011

    The best 15 yo that I have tried. Balanced yet full of personality. I'd like to get a bottle, but in Canada it's so expensive at $137, it's actually more than a lot of older and also excellent malts.

  • MaltMuggle77 6 December 2011

    Absolutely brilliant. The extra 5 years over the Ten add many more layers of complexity. Delicious! I prefer it to the 18.

  • Sean 31 October 2011

    A beautiful malt whisky. There is a sweetness, balanced by fruit note, followed by cocoa on the finish. This is richer than the 10 year old, but both are brilliant adverts for scotch malt whisky. This site is good value too.

  • DJB 6 September 2011

    The business. Lovely Springbank with a bit of fruit going on. One can't help but feel happy when drinking this :-)

  • jack faith 30 August 2010

    tried this in a bar recently. Nice comparison after drinking the Longrow cv and the Springbank 10. Sweetness for sure, but a pleasing balance. Very approachable and a suggestive depth.

  • Yossi 29 April 2009

    Wow, powerful spiciness, nice mouth feel with some good length. Feels like the ABV is higher than touted - in a good way. Smokier than I hoped for but, I kinda liked it after a few swigs. More pepper and malt than anything else. Time to break out a Greycliff!