Dewar's White Label

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  • Blended Scotch Whisky
Dewar's White Label
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Despite the fact that the label is quite clearly a pale yellow colour, Dewar's White Label this remains a hugely popular blend, especially Stateside. Dewar's whiskies have won more than 400 awards and medals in over 20 countries.


  • Heather Heather
  • Vanilla Vanilla
  • Smoke Smoke

Dewar's White Label Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Producer's Tasting Notes

    NOSE: A perfectly balanced blend of Scottish heather and honey with delicate notes of unripened pear and a hint of oak 

    PALATE: A delightful blend of soft vanilla with honey and blooming heather; well rounded with a slight smoky sensation emerging 

    BODY: Medium and smooth 

    FINISH: Medium finish, slightly dry with lingering heather/honey overtones, and the faintest touch of smoke

49 Customer Reviews

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  • 4
    3 days ago

    A very good scotch for a very good price.

  • 5
    5 days ago

    I really like Dewar's White Label. It agrees with me. I've tried other blends and I always come back to Dewar's. Dewars 12 year old is really yummy.

  • 4
    22 June

    Yes first time , this is really aussum. I liked Dewar's Whites Label.Thanks making a good whisky.

  • 4
    7 June

    Pretty decent Scotch, though, I prefer Johnny Walker. A little sweet for me, but a very smooth example. I don’t get the smoke. None present at all.

  • 5
    29 March

    Dewars White was my first legal age scotch in 1967 and remains so today. Relatively inexpensive yet compares favorably with higher priced single malts.

  • 5
    9 March

    I have a White Label Blended Scotch Whiskey bottle no. AB- 0065, here in Salem, Oregon, U.S.A. My dad used to have a bottle at the house in Basking Ridge, NJ (also, in the U. S. A.). He passed away in 2004. The Scotch tastes the same. "Dewar's never varies".

  • 5
    28 February

    I'm normally a Laphroaig, Lagavulin, and Ardbeg kinda guy but; Dewar's White Label is definitely a go to when you don't have other options at a bar or restaurant. Hell, I even keep a bottle next to my Glenfiddich Winter Storm nowadays for a Mamie Taylor after dinner!

  • 5
    26 February

    I love Midsomer Murders, and when I saw inspector Tom Barnaby with a bottle of Dewar's, I had to give it a try. What a delightful, reasonably priced whiskey. I'm sure that I could have spent more, but there was no reason to. Only items that are required, a bottle of white label, a clean glass and enough time to enjoy it.

  • 4
    25 February

    not as smokey as I'd like, but a good medium bodied scotch. Relatively inexpensive as well.

  • 5
    21 February

    I drank this for the first time at a family reunion and loved it. I drink whiskey straight. I enjoyed this whiskey and will be buying more.

  • 4
    28 January

    This is wonderful whisky.. Especially for the price.. As smooth as silk.. But not complex.. The blended go to scotch

  • 3
    9 December 2017

    Good flavor. Decent price. I prefer Teachers Highland Cream, then Johnnie walker red, last would be this . It's not bad, I just prefer a smokey flavor.

  • 5
    17 September 2017

    Great stuff

  • 4
    7 September 2017

    A long time bourbon drinker, I have been trying my hand at Scotch. I find that this blend is a nice introduction to Scotch. Not overly peaty, a gentle introduction to this wonderful drink. The price is right also.

  • 5
    4 September 2017

    My daily drink. Best drink at this price and competes with popular single malts that are 2x the price.

  • 3
    9 August 2017

    Nice everyday dram. More like a mead-scotch to my tongue...very sweet and no smoke. Prefer SMS, and peaty ones at that...but this is a nice dessert drink.

  • 4
    7 May 2017

    Nice everyday whisky. Nothing like my Aberlour 12/16 year old single malt, but of course it's no where as expensive either. This is what I'll order at the bar. I like it.

  • 1
    22 April 2017

    I love Whisky but the bottle White Label I bought taste like an Oak barrel.

  • 5
    12 March 2017

    One of my favorites. Delicious oaky smoke sweetness.

  • 4
    21 January 2017

    The aroma is bland and doesn't give much clue to the taste. Overall very smooth, especially for the price. The smoothness really allows the honey to show. The finish is really bright and without even reading this page I thought extremely smokey. Unlike most other scotch whiskeys, this is best experienced while smoking.

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