Talisker 10 Year Old
Small Bottle

20cl / 45.8%
  • Island Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Distillery Bottling
Talisker 10 Year Old / Small Bottle
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The perfect stocking-filler, and something any true malt fan would love to find in their hipflask - or a little treat for yourself? Brimful of coastal power and elegance, with the hallmark chilli and white pepper notes tantalising the tastebuds.

Distillery Bottling
10 Year Old

Talisker 10 Year Old Reviews

17 Customer Reviews

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    3 November 2014

    just bought a ridiculously cheeky little bottle! lovely with splash of water and ice cube, a delicious great value hint of peat tipple, never disappoints.

  • Ron Gib 26 December 2012

    Had my first sip this morning at Christmas breakfast and fell in love.

  • Slobodan Mtrovic, member of SMWS 7 June 2012

    Probably the best single malt. Only, maybe, Royal Lochnagar is in the same class and comparable to it.

  • Anonymous 24 June 2011

    Excellent. Peaty like an Islay but a bit more subtle. Lots of complexity from start to finish. Would be very happy to find this in my christmas stocking.

  • Mikko 12 August 2010

    Edit to my last comment:In my opinion this malt is unique because of that dryness along with smoky wood like taste. In some respect, even the best Islay whiskies can't compete with this malt (although I'm a Islay man).

  • Mikko 7 August 2010

    I like that soft, warm and wood like mouth feel. There is also delicious amount of smoke, peat and some kind of "sea feeling" there. Few weeks ago I tasted Talisker 18 y (didn't buy a bottle), and in my opinion that was even more softer, but not so complex than 10 y.

  • Philip Butterworth 28 June 2010

    A complex malt with strong hints of the sea and the wild western coast line. Close your eyes and you are there. Not for beginners. Had been drinking scotch ten years before I moved on to this. My favourite scotch and probably the best one.

  • Derek Wheeler 26 February 2010

    Easy and sweet(ish) over the tongue with gentle hints of spice. Roll it around for best effect and then enjoy the lightly smokey finish. This is a whisky with a lot to keep your taste buds interested.

  • Dodgergammon 16 February 2010

    So good I named my dog after it.

  • Harrison Tweed 1 February 2010

    The sea on Skye the peat the woodsmoke the depth of flavour the log fire all contained within one wee dram. A man sized whiskey not for the faint hearted and my favourite

  • Dan Armstrong 10 January 2010

    I'm not a big whiskey fan, but I absolutely love Talisker. It has such a broad/deep flavour to it. I'm in no way an expert taster of these things but the peaty flavour is very prevalent with the initial taste and catches me every time! Then the other lovely flavours seep through and quench the sharpness, and the warm peppery after taste makes me want to keep refilling the glass!!! Great stuff!

  • Mark 4 December 2009

    I got bought a bottle of this for my birthday a few years back. On first tasting I thought it tasted like surgical spirit and left it to one side for awhile. However when I returned to it I found it to be much less harsh than I first thought. Not certain if i would buy it again but would be very interested in trying it for a second time.

  • Mike @ discover whisky 20 November 2009

    Great whisky. Romantic connotations of Talisker bay for me. Can be scary for anyone not used to whisky, and specially those not used to character rich whisky.

  • D. Scott. 24 June 2009

    Not one to try if your new to malts. Will probably put you of for life lol. A good strong dram.

  • Connie Sir 21 April 2009

    Talisker is a whiskey that is full of character and in no way bland. It's individual flavour mean it's not for everyone. For me personally it's one of the finest and once I open a bottle it's soon gone. Cheers !

  • Anonymous 20 April 2009

    bought this scotch one night for $71.95 canadian opened it up took a smell and a sip and just about puked I wasn't used to the Salty , Peaty flavours but I ended up sharing the bottle with a couple friends but that night after I was done drinking the scotch I felt like I was sea sick and thats NO JOKE.

  • Bryan Molinelli 30 December 2007

    Nice scotch, with a salty, peaty flavor, and a very dry finish. Might be a little too peaty for some, but there's a complexity to it that rewards those who give it time. Walnuts, hints of chocolate and pepper, and a northern sea permeate its all-around full-bodied flavor. Not my favorite scotch, but great all the same.