Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia
2012 Edition

70cl / 38%
Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia / 2012 Edition
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A really sumptuous anejo taken, as the name suggests, from the private stocks of the Cuervo family. This tequila has been aged five years for exceptional smoothness. The box for this 2012 edition was designed by Ricardo Pinto.
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Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia Reviews

19 Customer Reviews

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  • Con Huevos 11 October 2013

    Hints of butter scotch, root beer, caramel, it is the best I have ever had. Vintage 2008 BOMBER!!! POSTED 10/10/13

  • Clayton Bigsby 10 September 2013

    well, I have to agree with previous posters...the packaging is superb, the current releases I've tasted a mere shadow of earlier efforts ( I was lucky to taste in the bar @ the Camino Real Hotel in Mexico City in the early/mid 90's) Don Julio 1942 is much more impressive...crazy smooth, strong vanilla notes

  • george 11 June 2013

    just ordered one of these for a mate as a wedding present. wow. the bottle is hand sealed, hand numbered, and the box, well this is something else, its timber, beautifully painted comes with stickers / tattoo type things, a history pamphlet, another explanatory pamphlet & info inside the box lid. as for tasting can't comment, more really does need to be amde on the packaging as its far more than i was expecting. i want to keep it!

  • Marq 4 December 2012

    A high-end product indeed. A complex mixture of wood and spice.

  • Jessica 5 November 2012

    I'm sipping some of my treasured 2006 as I type. This is liquid heaven. My favourite tequila ever.

  • Yiannis 22 April 2012

    Nice to see so many comments here about the Reserva! I'm sure it still surprises people with its quality, but it lacks compared to its older editions(<2006). Still great though and the boxes are beautiful. I have about 10 unopened ones from 2005 and back waiting for special occasions!

  • Anonymous 19 April 2012

    Anyone who mixes this elixir should be banned :) amazing sipping tequila, worth every penny

  • snob 10 February 2012

    sorry but why in earth would you use it in a margarita??? margaritas shouls be made with young tequila!

  • Bruce in L.A. 10 November 2011

    I bought a bottle of it in 2000 after having some in their tasting room in Cabo. It sat in my bar fridge for 10 years then we drank it with some trader joes margarita mix! I paid like 20 bucks back then... maybe 40. Now I feel bad that it costs $100. the margaritas were good....

  • michaele 9 August 2011

    the king of sipping tequillas. I drink it neat with a fine cigar.

  • Jean-Louis 11 May 2011

    Tried it with a mate in London. Pure velvet, strong vanilla notes, incredible finish. The smoothest tequila i ever had, very easily on par with a good Armagnac for richness and depth - not a small accolade from a French person. The aftertaste stays with you for minutes. Pure liquid joy.That would make a fabulous gift for someone you realllly like - who knows, he may open the bottle for you.

  • Anonymous 19 February 2011

    This tequila is an extra anejo and it tastes like a reposado. The earth is very pronounced and all in all decent. If you want the vanilla, cinnamon and oak of an extra anejo get the Don Julio 1942 or Casa Noble. Both good but disparate in price. If you can find Clase Azul get it.

  • Anonymous 17 August 2010

    I love this stuff

  • Anonymous 11 June 2010

    Great Tequila! Love it!!

  • Stuart Blackmore 24 March 2010

    I lived in Mexico for 2 years and this was my Tequila of choice. It is simply the best. Restaurants in Mexico charge approx ?6 per glass! (given that we used to buy 6 bottles of Corona for ?2.50, this was expensive by comparison) Pure nectar in a glass. To be sipped from a minature Brandy glass with a glass of VERY spicy tomato juice for company!

  • Nando 11 December 2008

    Went to mundo cuervo in Tequila, Jal last week and tried it directly out of a barrel. That was tequila heaven! Needless to say, the 2 bottles customs allows flown back, were of this amazing tequila. An '07 and '08. The best I've had!

  • alex gaunt 31 October 2008

    Goes down like silk.... DO NOT SLAM THIS DRINK it would be a crime ! excellent price on here too, seen it for 160 elsewhere

  • Chris Kingaby 29 October 2008

    Tried it and loved it, you can certainly tell this is the best

  • DonRasmus 24 January 2008

    Ohhhh my god!