Famous Grouse

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  • Blended Scotch Whisky
Famous Grouse
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First produced in 1860 (when it was just 'The Grouse'), The Famous Grouse has been the No. 1 whisky in Scotland since 1980.


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  • 5
    19 September

    The best whisky I have had

  • 5
    20 April

    Possibly the finest blended Scotch whisky available. I love it on the rocks.

  • 5
    16 January

    I have been drinking Famous Grouse for about four years, and haven't found another whisky at the same price of the same quality.

  • 4
    12 January

    My local retailer apprised me this product as blended Scotch. That is the same little experiment I have been working on here in Dixie for quite awhile. The Famous Grouse is so much better and within my means. No wonder it's numero uno in it's native land. And I am primarily a Islay single malt man, so I'm giving The Grouse my compliments.

  • 4
    5 January

    It's okay. Not very smoky. Personally, I think Johnnie Walker Red is better.

  • 5
    30 December 2018

    Beautiful with Coke. Very subtle and very enjoyable.

  • 5
    3 December 2018

    I drank it in London last year. It tasted soft and mellow and loved it

  • 4
    18 October 2018

    Great everyday whisky. I have used it for years. My last bottle from you called it "DAD'S WHISKY".

  • 5
    12 October 2018

    I love Famous Grouse! Good price, great blended whisky :)

  • 5
    3 September 2018

    My favourite blended whiskey, I have tried a few but always come back to this one; very smooth and easy to drink. Everyone has different palates and this one appeals to mine. Been drinking it for 42 years now, still the best blend in my opinion.

  • 5
    30 August 2018

    One of the best whiskies I’ve ever tasted. Very smooth.

  • 5
    25 August 2018

    Smooth, great taste. I am not a scotch drinker but I love my Famous Grouse on the rocks.

  • 5
    19 August 2018

    A nice smoky flavour (I think it tastes of liquorice, but my friend disagrees). Slightly sweet aftertaste with lingering spice. Good introduction to whisky for the first-time drinker.

  • 5
    10 August 2018

    Was a J&B man for a long time (just like Dean Martin) Bought a bottle of Famous Grouse just to try and loved it. Very smooth and great taste. Will buy again.

  • 3
    8 August 2018

    My favorite blend. Beats anything Johnny Walker makes. Go to for a good price.

  • 5
    6 August 2018

    ok, clearly there had to be a very bad batch. I bought a bottle today and it's amazing. Just like it always has been so glad I missed the bad batch

  • 5
    3 August 2018

    Good whisky

  • 4
    2 August 2018

    Tried it today. For the price, it's smooth. I drink whiskey straight and this one works. Curious the widely varying ratings.

  • 2
    31 July 2018

    Didn't think much of it. Had an oddly chemical smell to it and not a great taste. I'd definitely pick a bells over this. Cheap though. So, swings and roundabouts.

  • 3
    31 July 2018

    Sadly not as good as it used to be. Still drinkable but has lost something of late. Would rather pay a bit more than see the quality diminish.

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