Blavod Vodka

70cl / 37.5%
Blavod Vodka
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A black vodka distilled from molasses and coloured with a tannin-rich Southern Asian herb called catechu which does not affect the flavour, but is claimed to make the taste smoother.

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    5 June

    The vodka that definitely surprise people at any party. It has smooth taste and doesn't give the headache next morning.

  • Sir Cliff 10 October 2010

    A very smooth and rounded vodka that is very good value for money. If you put it in the freezer and then use cranberry juice you can make it float (a bot of fun with friends). Very nice indeed, try it!

  • Moira 10 September 2010

    Wonderfully smooth...served from the freezer on its own

  • Mike 16 June 2010

    Apart from the unique flavour, the best thing about this vodka is when you mix if with other drinks. If you pour Smirnoff Ice into a glass, add some ice, and then drizzle a shot of Blavod over the ice, it blends into the Smirnoff and looks really good.

  • Ida Mary Gough 15 March 2010

    Blavod is an extreamly enjoyable drink espesialy let down with orange andsoda. unfortunely I can't purchase it as the shops where I live have stopped stocking it.

  • Arthur 4 February 2010

    Tesco stopped selling it a few months ago. Never seen it in Sainsburys. Liquor stores will have it, although tbh TWE worked out cheapest!

  • Anonymous 5 December 2009

    Do any of the usual supermarkets stock this product. ie. sainsbury, tesco, asda etc.?

  • Mrs Watson 29 November 2009

    This is a great product. Always buy some for my husband at christmas he likes to this with JUICE ie lemonade to make a funky looking mix.

  • Janeyg 25 September 2009

    I had this on the night before my wedding, it was really nice!!

  • TWE Admin 11 May 2009

    Mixing any vodka with any blended whisky is likely to be unpleasant and bad for your health. TWE advocates responsible drinking.

  • househermit05 9 May 2009

    i drunk this mixed with teachers on new years eve once. NEVER AGAIN ITS FOUL if you want a decent vodka try chinggis khan,stolichnia or nemiroff.

  • Anonymous 11 December 2008

    Mmmm poison