Kauffman Luxury Private Collection Vintage Vodka

100cl / 40%
Kauffman Luxury Private Collection Vintage Vodka
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The most expensive vodka that we've encountered, this is the current ne plus ultra of luxury vodka. A fat (or should that be 'phat'?) bottle with an eye-catching silvery top containing a full litre of the priciest white spirit in town.

Please note that the bottling date may differ from the product image - please contact us if there is a specific year you are looking for.

Kauffman Luxury Private Collection Vintage Vodka Reviews

16 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    18 August 2017

    Simply the best...

  • 5
    14 April 2015

    I was on business in Mexico and I saw this bottle. Asked the bartender what it was and tried it. Loved it! It''s very smooth and elegant.

  • 5
    19 September 2014

    Best ever.... To open you need to pull off the tab (like an old milk bottle). It harder to do because the plastic tab is harder.

  • 5
    19 September 2014

    how the heck do you open the bottle?? We just about had to take a sword to the neck. Yes, it tastes fabulous, but there has to be an easier way...can anyone share the secret...?

  • Paul 26 November 2013

    I tried my first glass of Kaufman in Manchester city centre. I do love all types of vodka, but this one was amazing. Just purchased a nice bottle of Kauffman Luxury Private Collection Vintage Vodka for my own Christmas present.

  • SMC 9 August 2013

    There is no other that can be compared to Kauffman. Its in a class of its own and deservedly so. This is the best and once you taste it, you will understand.

  • Micky 23 September 2012

    Jason, it's a ton better than Stoli Elit. It works out as £3.22 per 25ml serving (Which if i'm not mistaken, is round about the same price you'd pay for 25ml of industrial cleaning liquid of which they sell around bars round the UK. So it is WELL worth the price. Not just that, but ive searched various online stores, and TWE is the cheapest. It is the smoothest vodka ever created, you wont be disappointed.

  • Jason 14 March 2012

    I've always wondered how this compares to Stoli Elit, another super vodka. Any vodka lovers out there that can give a comparison?

  • Anonymous 29 September 2011

    I got this from frend,is going to be open in special acasion

  • bobby 17 September 2011

    very interested to try this but i dont want to open the bottle seeing as the good old russians did such a good job putting it away,generaly a whiskey drinker but the better russian stuff realy is worth giveing a go to all the malt snobs.

  • TC 20 July 2011

    THE BEST vodka, you won't regret it !

  • Anonymous 27 November 2009

    smooth and easy to drink

  • Anonymous 20 May 2009

    Nothing else compares, Kauffman is the best.

  • Anonymous 14 May 2009

    THE BEST. Posted by: Andrew

  • Patrick 18 February 2009

    Discovered Kauffman at the Moscow Airport. Very smooth, easy to drink, excellent quality and worth every penny.

  • Tvan 6 April 2008

    Extremely smooth, worth every penny