Polish Pure Spirit Vodka

35cl / 79.9%
Polish Pure Spirit Vodka / Polmos
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At 79.9%, this is only for mixing, or as a 'float' to supercharge cocktails, where it contributes a surprising array of flavours as well as the extra alcohol.

Please note this is a high-strength product and we recommend not drinking neat – please enjoy diluted or with a mixer of your choice.

Polish Pure Spirit Vodka Reviews

14 Customer Reviews

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  • polski 17 May 2013

    Back in the day I could get 110% proof polish spirit, this I drink like, how you say, water! But I like!

  • Anonymous 28 September 2011

    Mixed with Cherry Brandy it's a good winter warmer.

  • Anonymous 13 July 2011

    Mixes well with pineapple juice

  • K. Rich 17 September 2010

    mix with morello cherry cordial 50/50makes a great liquor

  • james lukaszewicz 2 June 2010

    add chillies to this and leave for two weeks in the sun. Give one shot each to friends but don't tell them about the definite 'ring of fire' the next day :)

  • Paul 29 January 2010

    always took it camping its in a league of its own

  • cjsnr 7 January 2010

    We used this as a mixer back in my student days. Handle with care, projectile vomiting warning.

  • Ian brown 9 October 2009

    Mixed with home made Sloe Gin 50/50fantastic warmer on a cold day at a shoot. One only or leave the gun locked up .

  • Anonymous 11 June 2009

    Good for lighting bbq's !!!

  • Anonymous 20 March 2009

    Re 26 Jan review, I find that extremely hard to believe I'm afraid. I could manage about 4 doubles and I was wasted on a night out, but a bottle after a bottle of tequila???

  • Anonymous 14 February 2009

    Handle with care, drinking it straight seems to do even more damage than the ledgendary Balkan 176! Either way if yourself and a friend intend to share a bottle drink shaken with fresh lime and topped up with ginger beer. It becomes surprisingly palatable!

  • Anonymous 26 January 2009

    A friend and I drank two pints of Guinness each before sharing a bottle of Tequila followed by a bottle of Polish Spirit. I was 20 at the time and in retrospect, it was rather foolish.

  • Carlos Gigilo 3 March 2008

    Graeme you are a light weight, myself and a friend sat and drank a whole bottle between us, admitedly we were very drunk afterwards and when we went to the pub no one at all could understand what we were saying, strange thing is we could understand each other perfectly...i have to agree it is the SHIZZ !!!Drink sensibly that is my only advice, in other words don't pour it in your ear! ;)

  • Graeme Wells 9 January 2008

    this stuff is wicked nice put it in the freezer and drink it straight gives a good kick and starts the night off would advise only drinking one shot a night - I had three once and thats about all I remember so this is top quality stuff but be warned it will get you drunk