Reyka Vodka

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Reyka Vodka
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Reyka is a small batch vodka produced in Iceland using a process that includes the filtration through lava rock. Made in one of only six carter head stills in the world, this is made from a mixture of wheat and barley.


Reyka Vodka Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Tasting notes by Class Magazine

    Appearance: Crystal clear.
    Aroma: Creamy, almost dairy-like, with faint aniseed and light cracked black pepper spice.
    Taste: Superbly clean, slightly sweet with subtle aniseed and fennel, faint vanilla and light peppery spice.
    Aftertaste: Lingering subtle aniseed and red pepper spice.
    diffordsguide rating: 5/5

8 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    31 December 2018

    The best vodka I've ever had!!!

  • 5
    8 September 2018

    One of the top vodkas I've tried, smooth and creamy texture. Best enjoyed straight with no ice or water. Amazing value for money.

  • 5
    21 June 2018

    One of the top 3 vodka brands i've tried. Very smooth finish, probably the smoothest vodka i've tried, with a creamy texture and taste. A standard item in all my orders.

  • 5
    25 February 2017

    Sits in class alongside Grey Goose and Belvedere but without the reality tv crowd drinking it as a status symbol. Has a very clean yet smooth taste and can be drank neat if you have a taste for the subtle vanilla notes in it or it mixes well with most mixers. It has been my go to vodka when i feel like having a drink in comfort where it can be appreciated.

  • Nicklas Johansson 19 September 2013

    I blame myself for not buying more than one bottle when i transfered on the Reykjavik Airport. My collection holds all the Russian Standard versions, Beluga and both of the Nemiroff Premium but this one blows my mind everytime. Smooth, clear taste and yet a punch that you can not find somewhere else.

  • Rachel 7 April 2013

    I love vodka and have drunk my fair share of premium brands, but this is without question my favourite. It super smooth and tastes great with a twist of lime and lots of ice. You have to try this before it runs out. Anyone who likes Grey Goose, Belvedere, Chopin or Wyborowa will love this. Highly recommended.

  • Niall 23 January 2013

    Got this on the hype I have read about it By chance i let my wife taste it first and she immeadatelt thought it tasted like Smirnoff which was diassapointing to say the least - having said that it was nice with a mixer

  • Mark Lemberg 14 October 2007

    I was extremely disappointed to find out that this Icelandic vodka is in fact Scottish as it is distilled first in Scotland from local ingredients and then shipped to Iceland where it undergoes second distillation and lava rock filtration. I understand that farming in Iceland might be difficult and there is a need for using foreign ingredients but if I had known about it I wouldn't have bought this otherwise average although beautifully presented "Icelandic" vodka.